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A select few gamers may remember a cult indie hit from a few years back that went by the name of Space Invaders. In the almost forty(!) years since its original release, it's been ported countless times, received a number of genre-bending sequels and - just like any popular game - been the subject of a number of attempts to emulate its classic gameplay. Titan Attacks! is unashamedly one of the latter, but how does a decades-old formula hold up in 2015? After checking out the PlayStation 4 version last year, now Curve Digital has brought the game to 3DS eShop and Cubed3 reviews the newest port.


One Day, Titan Attacks on PlayStation come true

PS Asia writes:
One Day, Titan Attacks on PlayStation come true.

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Review: Titan Attacks! (3DS eShop) | 8 Bit Forward

Titan Attacks is a game made by Puppy Games and ported by Curve Digital. This game was inspired by the Space Invaders, Galaga, and retro arcade space shooters of the late 70s to early 80s. Beginning its life on the PC in 2006, the game was ported to the Vita, PS4, and Xbox One in May of last year. 10 months later, the game has finally arrived on the 3DS. Is Titan Attacks as timeless as Pink Floyd, or is it completely outdated like Disco?

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Humble PC and Android Bundle 12 Released

Hardcore Gamer: An all-new Humble Bundle is released and it gets you an impressive selection of things across all tiers.

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