Test Chamber – Zombie Army Trilogy

We've faced off against countless zombie hordes in the past, but an undead army led by zombie Hitler? It's officially on. Rebellion Oxford's zany spin-off of the Sniper Elite series is back with a brand new chapter of macabre mayhem, and we're taking the online co-op for a spin to see whether it's worth your time.

Andrew Reiner, Wade Wojcik, and I take an in-depth look at Zombie Army Trilogy, which features plenty of fun and gory action despite some aiming and latency problems. Along the way we also debate the merits of deploying a zombie army to do your evil bidding, lament the Xbox One's auto-record feature, and get grossed out by Reiner continually standing under a dripping corpse (talk about unhygienic). See it all – along with the best defensive method for surviving the zombie apocalypse – in the video below (hint: The stairs are the place to be).

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