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qwerty6761850d ago

this game has a journey esk feel to it.

asad1971850d ago

Don't compare this Xbox exclusive masterpiece with game like journey.

4Sh0w1850d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

mmmmm, dat music though, and love the environments with such rich colors it all works really well together to give this game its own soul. Its truly a damm beautiful game & it looks fun to play too..I'm definitely sold on Ori now.

Edit: no need to bash Journey here, never played it but I only heard good things about it...either way lets just hope Ori plays as good as it looks without targeting another game that has nothing to do with this game.

Spa4tan1849d ago

Deeming this game a "masterpiece" well prior to it's release? Sounds about right.

Benjammin251849d ago

1. On PC too. Not a 'Xbox exclusive'.
2. Journey is probably the greatest independent game ever made, so if anything, Ori has a lot to live up to.
3. Before anyone accuses me of being a troll, this game looks really great, but I'm not going to listen to people spout absolute nonsense about Journey somehow being worse than a game not even released yet.

DoctorXpro1849d ago

@Spa4tan sounds right like before The Order came out.

guyman1849d ago


Ori looks great, but that is officially the biggest load of fankid nonsense that i ever read on this site, and that is really saying something

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ravens521849d ago

I would get an X1 just for this lol has the old school platformer look to it and feel, like Ristar and games like that. Wish it was coming to ps4. O well bloodbornell have to do

Foehammer1849d ago

Gorgeous visuals aside....

I read a preview that said the pacing was perfect.

Sounds (and looks) like a lot of effort went into getting this game just right.

StrayaKNT1850d ago

No. Words. Can. Explain.

Bigpappy1850d ago

it's a little cute creature that you have to try and keep alive on a dangerous journey.

Cute! But not my type of game. My daughter would love this.

StrayaKNT1850d ago

Its a hard game she probably wont make it past the first few stages

Tokasmke1849d ago

Depending his old she is

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The story is too old to be commented.