Editorial: Will Uncharted 4 Get Slammed For Being Linear?

After The Order: 1886 fiasco, it seems clear enough that linearity is looked down upon these days. Does this spell trouble for Naughty Dog's title?

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DarkOcelet2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Great, now we are done with The Order 1886, its time for Uncharted 4 to take the heat.

On Topic: I think the demo was already open enough.

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Jalva2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"Great, now we are done with The Order 1886, its time for Uncharted 4 to take the heat."

Yeah... because The Order's problem was its linearity -_-

It might as well have been a tutorial on all the 'what not to do's' of making a video game.

OB1Biker2764d ago

The Order has flaws and so do many games. That s not the point here.
Its the NUMEROUS articles and comments beating it about what they think it should be like.
It already started with Uncharted with framerate, graphics etc and the 'linearity' (also meaning the length) will be more closely scrutinized for obvious wrong reasons.

LonDonE2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Agreed, but thing is i dont think the linearity was the issue with order it was the complete lack of flexibility within the level designs and the combat sections, the developers had a very rigid set way they wanted u to play and traverse through the game.

Look to the left kill that guy, look up kill him etc walk slow and enjoy our graphics, wanna skip our cutscenes on every subsequent playthrough? No way u have to look at this piece of paper and so on.
Then complete lack of half breed combat was another sour point, the few encounters u do have r just quick time events with one shooting part with recycled senarios.

I do think the media are hypocrytes since the order was punished fort he same things other games are praised for.

The older uncharted games dont have any of these problems! In uncharted the levels r like mini sandboxes, u decide how u approach each enemy, u can stealth, or climb high up for an advantage using the verticality of the maps etc also then they have the artifacts to find which forces u to explore.
And uncharted 4 is set to ratchet everything up by another 10 notches!

The uncharted while they still have a linear story progression, game play wise the vertical levels and flexible enemy encounters set it leagues appart from the order.

Either way compairing uncharted is stupid! the order was made by a smallish first ever aaa studio while uncharted is made naghty dog for petes sake!

DarkOcelet2764d ago

I am pretty sure when Ready At Dawn makes a sequel. They will improve on many aspects of the game.

LonDonE2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Agreed i defo think ready at dawn will only get better considering this is the teams first console game and a AAA at thst.

They actually put allot of bigger studios to shame considering they have less budget and resources and experience compared to say some of the teams behind the ac games.
And still i applaud them for releasing a game which is s technical marvel and without bugs and glitches we so often have ween so far this gen.

I am anticipating the sequel to the order and also other games by them.

They just need to take the criticism on the chin and learn from where they went wrong.

Sorry for typo typed on tge wiiu game pad.

miyamoto2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Nothing can touch Uncharted now.


DarkOcelet2764d ago

Nothing can touch Naughty Dog. nuff said.

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Snookies122765d ago

They already said they were making it more open, didn't they?

GameDev12765d ago

ND certainly made it clear UC4 will have sandbox gameplay, even the PSX demo showed that

They clearly said they will no single golden path and also the new tools like the piton showed are for players to use numerous paths incase a rock falls while drake is climbing

Somebody clearly has not been paying enough attention to write such an awful headline

Torque_CS_Lewith2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yes, because linearity is the only reason 1886 was slammed! Let's forget that Uncharted has always had top shelf gameplay, engaging and meaty campaign AND an industry inspiring multiplayer to go along with its cinematic delivery and linearity!

Trying to compare the two games is an insult to what Naughty Dog have done to further the genre. The Order was a major step back and I hope that is not where cinematic games are headed and I trust ND to prove that later this year.

The Order was simply a glorified graphics tech demo and the lemmings lapped it up because they believe graphics are the most important aspect of a great game.

GameDev12765d ago

Pretty sure you have not played the Order as you are using that generic tone towards it when it clearly had loads of gameplay elements

But point in case, UC4 has clearly been described as sandbox gameplay by ND and they showed this with the demo

nicksetzer12765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Loads of gameplay elements, sure, all games do. Well executed gameplay no. Uncharted on the other hand had great gameplay, story quality, graphics, etc.

The order mainly consisted of cutscenes or walking. The knife fights with the werewolves are terrible and consist of following on-screen promts. There is stealth in the blimp and near the end (don't want to spoil) that is just walk up behind this guy and hit triangle at the right time. The gunplay is decent.

Where as almost every aspect of uncharted is satisfactory OR better. This article makes a moot point in a lame attempt to defend the order. The games are not comparable, nor is the order's ONLY issue it's linearity as this article claims. LInearity can be done right, the order didn't.

Lamboomington2764d ago

Many gameplay elements, but how many at a given time ?

I've only watched it, so I don't know. Please tell me though, is the combat anything more than Gears Of War style wave based cover shooting ?

If that's the case, then it definitely does not have enough gameplay elements. I would want complexity and depth for immersion. That means complexity at any one time, especially for basic combat

RAD should REALLY move away from Wave based gallery shooting levels. It simply hurts their game. Doesn't fit the tone at all. Directly hurt the story for me too ! That was the worst part about it.

For a game trying to push the boundary for cinematic experiences and being bold etc, it's combat system seems to be one of the safest,oldest, least immersive things out there. Wave based gallery shooting ? For me, it makes no sense to have it in this kind of game. It does not lend anything to immersion, but takes away from it, when you have to shoot down the next 100 people in waves every level. At certain points, like I said, it more or less directly hurt story believability for me, which is sad.
It only hurts their game. They MUST not do the same for their sequel.

Rimeskeem2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I agree with the first part and disagree with second part

I liked The Order.

4theplayers2765d ago

Will Halo 5 get slammed for being linear?
Will Rise of the Tomb Raider get slammed for being linear?
Will Quantum Break get slammed for being linear?

Answer: No.

Fireseed2764d ago

You actually think Playstation games get bashed more simply because theyre Playstation games?

gunnerforlife2764d ago

Oh my friend what world are you living in? Besides uncharted 2 and TLOU, all PS3 and PS4 games get bashed for ridiculous reasons! Some of the reasons 1886 was bashed for Xbox games get a free pass over it!

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2764d ago

They do, the same way Nintendo games get it so easy. M$ games are somewhere in the middle.

One of the most recent example (besides 1886) is Knack. I grabbed the game a few weeks back when it was 10$ on that PSN sale and I was honestly expecting a fat stinking pile of trash based on that 54 on Metacritic, a lot of 40 and below...Boy was I wrong, sharp presentation, great gameplay, frustrating at time (which is awesome). Story is okay, so would I give it a 10, no, but the game critics should have placed it in the high 70s or low 80s.

Then there's LBP 3, DriveClub, ...So yeah.

Lamboomington2764d ago

Hyprocritical nonsense

Did TLOU get slammed for being linear ?
Did KZ SF get slammed for being linear ?
Did any Uncharted game every get slammed for being linear ?

Answer : No.

Yeah, I mean, that's why The Order got low reviews, right ? Linearity. That was clearly the main issue. There were no other legitimate issues, nothing at all. You can clearly see that just by looking at reviews. Their main gripe was linea... oh, wait.

You know, there's a slight chance that... good games, regardless of whether they are linear or not, get good reviews, and bad games, linear or not, get bad reviews. (based on the reviewer's opinions ofcourse)
Would you like me to start listing non linear games that got crap reviews ?
Saying The Order was slammed because it was linear is just being hypocritical or ignorant - either one.

Never mind though, I'm sure it's just because journalists all turned xbox fanboys, and PS haters. Yeah. I mean, it makes sooo much sense, right ?


Rimeskeem2765d ago

Being linear has never stopped games from being masterpieces

FromTheAshes2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Exactly. The Last of Us is one among many linear masterpieces.

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