Watch one of the craziest snipes in ‘Halo’ history

Yahoo: "What's more annoying than getting shot by a good video game sniper?

Getting shot by a lucky one.

That’s the only way to describe Halo player Lawrencce 1, who recently pulled off one of the most miraculous shots you’ll ever see."

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SaveFerris2760d ago

The other player must be thinking 'You spawny git' after that shot, huh?

crazychris41242760d ago

thats how you break a controller

Moldiver2760d ago

wow, what a shot. reminds me of the time I hit a rocket just as it come out of somebodies rocket launcher, causing a premature detonation and killing the shooter. I was actually aiming for his head but missed! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.