[ABG] Happy Hell - Spooky Feline 3D Adventure Recalls Glory Days Of 3D Platforming

Happy Hell is a fun (and rather gross) Mario 64-esque 3D platformer that sees you helping Spooky Poo the cat escape 9 levels of hell.

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Top 20 Indie Games to Watch in 2018

Josh Griffiths writes: "2017 was a great year for indie gaming, but 2018 looks like it might be even better. Check out our video of the 20 best looking indie games coming 2018 you should keep an eye on."


Going Weird And Wild With 3D Platformer Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell

Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell is an “occultoon” 3D platformer that its creator tells Siliconera is reaction against the formalism of Nintendo.

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Three Ingredients To A Happy Hell - Cliqist

Zack Keosaian writes: "I bet you would have never guessed - though if you've had the chance to download the alpha demo then chances are you're accustomed to the sense of humor in this particular game world - but Happy Hell is easily one of the most imaginative platformers currently on the indie scene. After a successful Kickstarter raising $14,161 over a goal of $13,666, the full product is well under way to completion. Even though the campaign is over, I'm taking a look at what made Happy Hell appealing enough to win over its audience. Hopefully you've gathered the ingredients below; and with these divine elements of the powers in and around us, we dive in to a world of deception, peril, and pure evil!"