Mortal Kombat X - Goodman: "We just want you to think you’re playing a movie"

Mortal Kombat X marketing manager, Brian Goodman said they want to be cinematic in every thing we do, so that the player think he's playing a movie.

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Jalva2759d ago

"Brian Goodman said they want to be cinematic in every thing we do, so that the player think he's playing a movie."

RIP in peace gaming.

DragonbornZ2758d ago

MK being cinematic like this is fine. The gameplay is fiiiiine.
Cinematic doesn't equal bad.

vishmarx2758d ago

exactly, start whining when you you actually think it plays bad.
mx9 played fine and mkx looks the same.
people get too worked up

Hold_It2758d ago

No only games like The Last Of Us and The Order 1886 deserve to be called bad.

slappy5082758d ago

Erm no.. Not the last of us, that's cinematic done right if you want to call it that, in fact it was one of the best games period, I'll. agree with you on the order though they seemed to focus on everything except gameplay. I don't think mortal Kombat will make the same mistake

memots2758d ago

Apatently cinematic is a dirty word now, like indie or something.
30 fps was fine for over 90% of game last gen and any previous gen now it's. Dirty word.
Qte was fine on previous gen now it's dirty word.
Corridor shooting was fine with gears of war but not its a dirty word.
Linear games was fine with uncharted now it's a dirty word.
Racing on a track is fine with every racing game but when it comes to Driveclub it's a dirty word.

People are not picking everything. Developers are having a hard time with the "gamers" what's left every game will have to be sandbox now ?

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georgenancy2758d ago

he's probably talking about story mode

Gazondaily2758d ago

This is a fighting game. Hes obviously talking about the story mode, something that is neglected in the vast majority of fighting games anyway.

If thr combat mechanics are tight, what's there to complain about?

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die_fiend2758d ago

'RIP in peace' <--- haha, not a smart kid!

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Wonderful1012758d ago

Lower the frame rate to 30 fps then.

MegaRay2758d ago

Dont forget the black bars, the whole "cinematic experience" depends on it!

Krimmson2758d ago

Can't have a cinematic experience without QTEs as well! Throw those in too!

Maxor2758d ago

It doesn't feel cinematic when the more than 50% of the game is under the player direct control. Please include cut scenes for throws and upper cuts.

Wonderful1012758d ago

All great ideas, I'm proud of you guys.

slappy5082758d ago

Fatalities should be QTEs! Infact why not make the whole fight a QTE

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MasterCornholio2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Whats lame is that trolls are taking the opportunity to bash a game that released a few weeks ago with almost any article.

Dont you guys have nothing better to do? I dont know about you but I'm enjoying Shadows of Mordoor and soon either The Handsome Collection or Bloodborne.

Spotie2758d ago

What's really lame is that they're getting away with it.

Mods always say to report them, but what's the point?

Kevlar0092758d ago

Are we talking about Mortal Kombat 1 movie, or MK Annihilation movie? Because one of them was good, the other not so much

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Rachel_Alucard2758d ago

I wish video games would forge their own identity and stop mimicking the language of TV and movies. Every time I see the word cinematic somewhere in marketing now I get turned off slightly.

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