PS4 Firmware Update 2.50 Will Let You Use Circle to Confirm

Sammy Barker:

We're a bit backwards in the West – and not because One Direction keep getting to the top of the charts. If you think about the symbols on the DualShock controller, circle was clearly intended as a confirmation button, while X should be used to cancel. However, time has taught us to switch these commands around – even if the fine people in Japan do things the "right" way

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Blank2386d ago

Im in the U.S. And I import games from japan from time to time. I swear that circle to confirm would get etched in my brain because of the games I get are RPG which means time intensive games so after using that circle to confirm for so long and then go back to a regular US region game it throws me off hahaha! So if this feature is true I just might switch for circle confirmation it feels "right" for me.

Yi-Long2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I bought my red PS3 in Hong Kong, so it's an Asian/Japanese model, and the whole circle-confirmation thingy is pretty much hardcoded in there, so it takes a bit getting used to, especially when you're used to western consoles (360, other PS3, PS4, PSVita, etc), plus occasionally a game overwrites the hardcoded controls, or the on-screen buttons differ from those you're supposed to press.

So yeah, it can be a bit confusing at times, so it's nice if there's an update for the firmware (hopefully not just PS4 but also PS3), which allows you to choose your own preference.

Now, if only they would allow to pick different languages in the different PS Stores. My PS Store in Holland is in Dutch, and Dutch only, but I prefer English.

I hate localisation.

XBLSkull2385d ago Show
badz1492385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )


how much more arrogant can you get to call the Japanese as "has it backwards" and even use a Japanese made game to express it too? it's a Japanese game on a Japanese console and you're calling them backwards? SMH

DarXyde2385d ago

I agree with Badz.

It's on a Japanese console and that's how they do things. If anything, the constant error made sure you didn't do anything stupid like delete your save file unintentionally.

Highlife2385d ago

Don't know if I could get use to that. Well if they ever get rid of invert y axis I'm screwed.

subtenko2385d ago

@XBL its part of their culture.... O means to move forward.... somewhere some kid it saying no its Hugs and kisses...

XisThatKid2385d ago

Yea i Def played alot of import games growing up so I could give this a go button mapping and lay outs are rarely an issue with me like going back and forth from PlayStation AllStars and Smash bros. Or Borderlands and then playing PlanetSide 2 right after While alot of people I play with need a few mins for their muscle mem to kick in.

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FinalFantasyFanatic2385d ago

I have an imported Vita but use EU and AU copies of games and PSN accounts. Things can a bit confusing switching between XMB and games. The hardware is pretty much the same regardless of where you buy the consoles/handhelds anyway (I think the confirm/cancel switch is one of the few things they do change).

sssb2385d ago

last time i remember hit circle button as conforming was in FF7, since 18th year.

it's been long time circle button ^_^

AznGaara2386d ago

This is amazing. I can make every shooter control layout "Bumper Jumper" so happy right now.

gamerfan1282386d ago

Please tell me they are adding this to PS3 too.

BG115792385d ago

This little option should be on every console.
It's a small little thing, and yet such a great change.

Brooklynbully1232386d ago ShowReplies(5)
ThatOneRiggaNob2386d ago

Wow that's amazing! If they let you make custom controller layouts and it carry over to every game.... That's just wow.

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