Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review | Front Towards Gamer

Rhys Egner of FTG: “I’m gonna try and get to high ground!” I’m climbing up a rock face while my friends take on Gore Magala — a massive black dragon that can spew viral infection — and position myself directly over the massive beast. Leaping off with my long sword crashing down, I strike its back and plant myself firmly on its neck and begin to hack at it in desperation. Gore wises up and starts thrashing around, causing me to cling onto the beast in panic, hoping I don’t wind up thrown off of an already-peeved beast. Eventually, I strike the final blow, and Gore Magala comes crashing down while my friends rush to my side, weapons drawn. With a wound up strike from our party’s bruiser, Gore is dealt the deathblow from a charge blade.

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