The Order: 1886 Developers Show the Secrets Behind the Game's Amazing Graphics on PS4

It's no mystery that the graphics of The Order: 1886 are among the best, if not the best, in this generation so far, and many of the artists involved in the creation of the game posted the fruits of their labor of love on the Polycount forums and on their respective portfolio sites.

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MasterCornholio2764d ago

Best looking game that I've seen on consoles.

Hopefully they make the next one much better.

mikeslemonade2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

It's the best looking on any platform outside of PC mods.

Qrphe2764d ago

I feel the same way to be honest. But they only really did it by sacrificing performance.

Concertoine2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Why are people disagreeing with Qrphe?!

It runs at 30 frames. And although the resolution is stylistic, it probably helps with the performance too. The great graphics certainly came at a cost, whether or not it was worth it is the matter of opinion.

HammadTheBeast2763d ago

I'm fairly certain there are PC games such as Battlefield on Ultra and others which surpass is graphically and technically. Probably best looking on console however.

opoikl2763d ago

I'm now playing Dying Light after having finished The Order and sadly it took 3 hours or so to get the feeling I was playing a last gen title out of my head.

The vistas in Dying Light on PS4 really are of poor quality, especially bodies of water. I truly hope that The Order effect won't spoil too many new games in the near future as I'm a bit of a graphics whore.

breakpad2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

they should total remake REsident Evil 1 with these graphics it will be superb as they managed to catch the exact same atmosphere of a RE game (especially of the 1st one)

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MasterCornholio2763d ago

I didn't try to attack PC with my comment.


Why does this always happen when anyone claims that game x looks best on consoles?

d3nworth12763d ago

Because the PC elitist are insecure. They feel threatened when you complement console game on its graphics. You said nothing wrong. You have the right to your opinion.

nitus102763d ago

I am pretty much certain that any game that supports a higher resolution than 1080p on a PC can look graphically more pleasing than what can be produced on the current consoles, providing of course the PC architecture and the monitor supports that resolution.

Please note I said "can" because there are many factors which need to be taken into account when looking at a game, with the most important aspect being the fun factor.

I don't care if a game has incredible graphics and even has a constant frame-rate of 60fps or higher, if the game is not fun (again subjective) to play, then IMHO that game is a failure.

To sum up: Basically what may be fun for one gamer may not be fun for another gamer. What can really kill game enjoyment is poor graphics and/or a sloppy frame-rate although even that can be forgiven if the fun factor is very high.

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Spid3r62764d ago

The real secret ultra linear non dynamic environment plus restarted AI oh and the black bars make a difference as well.
I hope that these next gen consoles do not resort to playing on the equivalency of a thumbnail to get the best possible grahpics SMH

Brotard2764d ago

okay lets so you do something like that...

HammadTheBeast2763d ago

That's not the point. That's like a barber screwing up your hair, once you get mad, he asks you "why don't you cut it yourself".

Because its not your job to.

Brotard2763d ago

@hammadthebeast thats true but i don't believe they "screwed up"

Silly gameAr2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I think you're in the wrong section dude. The xbox articles with the rest of the misterxmedia rejects and the weekend PR team is the very last tab to your left.

The Order looks amazing. Get over it.

MegaRay2763d ago

Why does people disagree with you? Lol

No matter how good the order graphics and gameplay is, you cant really say spid3r6 is wrong.

urwifeminder2764d ago

Beautiful point and click adventure.

2764d ago
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