Arrowhead Aware of Various Helldivers Issues, Working on Fixes

Arriving earlier this week on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita (here’s our review), Helldivers has been experiencing a variety of issues, prompting developer Arrowhead Studios to give an update on what they’re doing to fix them.

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ArchangelMike2762d ago

I'm absolutely loving this game. I have the same issue trying to find mates on PS3, but apart from that no issues for me. I already want to see more, like what happens when we wipe out the bugs? Will that be it for the bugs in the game? Anyway, enough of that - back to saving the galaxy. If any of you guys want to try a Hell Dive gimme a shout :D

InahimeHondaSengoku2762d ago

Question: Is this game an indie or ip funded?

Rimeskeem2762d ago

Not trying to attack you or anything like that but why would it matter?

InahimeHondaSengoku2761d ago

Because the game is on Vita as we know it and when someone says there are no games for it it kinda makes me cringe just a little bit.

We all know it is not getting first party support, we get it but how long has it been since people are decrying the way Sony will abandon the the vita and discontinue it, yet it is still here in 2015. Not a peep from Sony saying they will abandon the vita, so I do not understand that logic...

That is the reason why it matters for the most part.

gokuking2762d ago

It's published by Sony.

Tankbusta402762d ago

Game is a blast... I finally got to play in a 4 player game last night and it was complete madness!!!

spok222761d ago

Great game right here..