Explore each area of ​​the ancient city Yharnam: Bloodborne's area introduction

SCE Japan's Yamagiwa gives an overview of all the main Bloodborne locations - learn what you'll have to face in Yharnam later this month.

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Imp0ssibl32765d ago

It's almost here. Will take a couple of days off to celebrate.

nX2765d ago

I booked the whole week off :D At this point, I'm not watching or reading anything about this game anymore.

DougLord2764d ago

I think Bloodborn will be the 1st PS4 exclusive since TLOU port to be critically acclaimed. Its from a proven developer and proven formula. At WORST someone might say its stale. Believe it or not their isn't some conspiracy to poop on PS4 games.

Mostafeto2765d ago

Yharnam looks really terrifying AND extremely interesting, I can't wait to try this game out and also to see people inevitably compare it to Dark Souls and to me I think that this game will be even better than Dark Souls

nX2765d ago

Demon's Souls is still better than both Dark Souls games because it was such a complete and memorable experience. If Bloodborne manages to capture the magic that made Demon's Souls so special I will have my new favourite RPG :)

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2764d ago

I am curious as to why you think Dark Souls wasn't a "complete and memorable experience"?. I hope I am not coming off as trying to start a heated argument but I am just wondering. I though Dark Souls was one of the greatest and most memorable gaming experiences that I have had. I have heard a lot of people say they love Demon's Souls better but they never elaborate on why they do.

Forn2763d ago

I think love Dark Souls just as much as Demon's Souls. I've put hundreds of hours into both games. However they each have little things things that make them stand-outs in their own ways. I'm sure Bloodborne is going to become my favorite PS4 game for a long while. Can't wait. Just a couple more weeks!

SpinalRemains1382763d ago

I agree.

The lack of Tendencies wasn't a deal breaker, and I very much enjoyed both Dark Souls games, but Demons' Souls was just one rung up on the ladder of the greatness.

Playing through that game before it was popular, and before the wiki even existed, was a true throwback gaming experience. That is exactly how most games used to be before the advent of every game being so easy a 5 year old could complete it.

thegreatklemba2764d ago

cant wait to paint the streets of Yharnam red with blood of my fellow hunters and beast alike. Umbasa......

Jughead34162764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I just restarted demons souls, I guess to kind of practice for bloodborne. This game really is better than both dark souls games. Not that dark souls isn't good. Both are great. But demons souls has a certain feel or atmosphere to it. And it's graphically superior. Never really realized this.