Out With the Old: Cross-Generation Titles Nearly Extinct in 2015

Earlier this week, id Software announced a standalone prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order called Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. What stuck out about the announcement was that the game would only be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, unlike The New Order, which was available cross-generation. Upon further research, this isn’t strange at all, and it’s actually a telling sign that last-gen systems are on the way out in a hurry.

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crazychris41242771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

We had a great 10 year run last gen but its time to move on to games that need more power and devs that dont have to worry about the 360 or PS3 ports.

Imp0ssibl32771d ago

Couldn't agree more. Now that 360 or PS3 are gone and we have new, powerful APIs like DX12 & Vulkan, it's time for gaming to take another leap ahead.

Locknuts2771d ago

I would agree except the PS4 and Xbox one are hardly creating new experiences. Makes me think there's hardly any more processing power there. Just better GPUs.

spacewarrior12771d ago

i can't believe last gen has lasted this long. as soon as i got my PS4 my PS3 went to the pawn shop. once you play a PS4 theres no going back.

Locknuts2771d ago

I miss my 360. The PS4 and X1 have atrocious libraries. I'm seriously considering going back.

snoopgg2771d ago

I agree with you I still have my 360 and ps3. I am still playing a backlog of games on them. They have a much better library of games then the current consoles.

ArchangelMike2771d ago

After playing with the PS4 controller for some time now, I went back and played on my PS3 after like a year. My goodness, I couldn't use the PS3 controller it just feels sooo... awkward and small now.

Automatic792771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

When I got my Xbox One, I still kept Xbox 360 for it's incredible online, fantastic game library, apps and generally to let my daughter play those great Lego games and free downloadable titles. The Xbox 360 makes an excellent secondary console (Going on 10 years). I do admit I have bought all new release on X1.

Locknuts2771d ago

Me too except I buy new multiplats on PC. Apart from MCC my X1 goes almost unused.

Automatic792771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


I have Xbox One/Xbox 360 and PS4 and Xbox One is my most used system at home. Was thinking of getting a PC but now with Xbox One windows 10 integration no need to ever purchase PC. At least not for gaming purposes. Xbox One has me covered.

Note: I have the Microsoft Surface can't wait to stream play on it.

re2_apocalypse2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

While I agree this is a good thing, and I own a PS4 with 10+ games already; publishers will still continue to support it for another year or 2 at least. Reason being is the install base on the previous generation to sell to more consumers is still high.

BladerunnerZX2771d ago

Both the PS3 and Xbox360 had a great 10 year run.
It's time for developers to put all effort into current gen so that future games are not gimped by cross gen downgrades.
I don't understand why EA is forcing a last gen port of Hardline for example. Yes the last gen install base is around 120 million but the majority of sales for advanced warfare were on PS4 and XboxOne.

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The story is too old to be commented.