EA Access has been awesome; besides it being from EA

GCO: "Besides a somewhat turbulent relationship with its consumers base, Electronic Arts’ content service EA Access has very been outstanding."

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Foehammer2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

100% agree

$30 a year, works out to $2.50/month

BF4 alone is worth the a 1 year subscription...

And then there's a bunch of tother games in the vault.

One 10% discount pays for 3 months of the service

And there is early access.

mhunterjr2770d ago

It's a great service... Anyone weary of having another subscription can just use it as a monthly rental service when a game you're interested in lands in the vault.

StrayaKNT2770d ago

Adds 7 or 8 top tier games to your library for 30$ a year with the vault getting bigger and bigger. Who can complain I love this service.

MCTJim2770d ago

I am very pleased with this service. There is not a better deal at 2.50 a month :D

Dark112770d ago

Of course it's awesome .. DLCs where awesome too back in day LOL

but the moment EA Access Becomes too big to fail. EA will start screwing consumers like they always do.

tinynuggins2769d ago

If that ever happens, just unsubscribe. Until then, enjoy the amazing value!

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The story is too old to be commented.