Troll And I: New Gameplay Video Shows A Lot Promise

One Angry Gamer "Spiral House Studio has released a new video on their Collective page to help gauge interest and community feedback for their third-person action-adventure title, Troll and I. Before the game goes to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, some smaller development teams will use Square Enix’s The Collective as a way to measure potential interest in the title and whether or not it’s something that could legitimately make it on the crowd-funding scene."


Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts: 12th-18th February 2019

Neil writes: "Since 2019 kicked off, we've been constantly surprised by not just the quality, but the overall quantity of games that have been found discounted through the Xbox Deals With Gold sale. Numerous titles have been stripped down to bargain basement prices allowing Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers the chance to fill their digital library stocks with a variety of great games. Well, the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale is back again and once more we are seeing multiple discounts available - but what bargains will you be picking up between the 12th-18th February 2019?"

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Top 10 Worst Nintendo Switch Games (Year One)

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Even the greatest of systems have some stinkers on them and the Switch, despite really taking off in its first year, has its own fair share of lame, boring and just plain bad games. And that’s what this list is all about, chronicling the worst games that have come to the Nintendo Switch in its first year. So if you have ever played any of these games, just remember this, the Switch has great games, really good games and also just plain ok games, sadly we wasted our time with these 10 stinkers and we are never getting it back."

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5 Games You'll Never Touch/Play In Your Life

Raff: No matter how awesome games are, there will always be a bunch you’ll never ever for never ever, and I mean NEVER, touch your whole life. Why? Because I’ll tell you so.

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PhoenixUp2196d ago

I’ll never be able to play Conker’s Bad Fur Day unfortunately

OT792194d ago

I borrowed a Xbox from a friend when it was released for first time many yeras ago.
Glad I did it,the game is so funny and awesome. Perhaps you can do the same with the Rare Collection.

Segata2194d ago

Heh I still have my N64 copy.

KillBill2194d ago

Would just have to buy an XB1 as it has the game. Not sure why they thought any list of games was valid seeing they are obviously playable by many.

spambot08152195d ago

yet mentioning no mans sky is a good method to heat up an article...

NecrumOddBoy2195d ago

I play a bunch of hours in no man's sky. Cool title just kind of delivered poorly

sifucud2194d ago

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Nacho_Z2195d ago

I've been a supporter of NMS from the first trailer and I put a lot of hours into it but honestly if I'd never bought it I wouldn't have missed much. Cool concept and beautiful visual/sound design but nothing meaningful or memorable to do.

chris2352195d ago

The point of this blog post being??

2195d ago
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