Why Everyone Will Always Remember Their First Game

Your first game is important and special. It may even have shaped your whole gaming life so far without you even realizing it. There is something to ask though. Why exactly does everyone remember that first game.

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BrianSharon2771d ago

My first game was Dragon Warrior on NES. I remember none of it.

Genova842770d ago

Great game!

As a side note, my first game was played on the TI-99/4A when I was 2-3. I have no idea what game I played first.

I DO however, recall the first time I played Super Mario Bros. I remember it looking so amazing when compared to the games I'd play. I was 3 at the time.

mikeslemonade2770d ago

I actually don't remember. I think it was Wonder Boy on the SMS.

aaron58292770d ago

Mine was Western Bar, they called in Game & Watch or something. First cconsole game, Mario on the NES

Relientk772771d ago

I actually don't remember my first game I was just 4 or 5, but it was on the Atari 2600

dumahim2770d ago

I don't remember either. Not even sure mine would have even been the 2600. Might have been Intellivision or a Pong machine.

MegaSackman2770d ago

I do, it was Pelle's soccer on Atari 2600. ^^

wwarren192770d ago

The Atari 2600 and "Combat" were my first game experience.

infinitewords2771d ago

I actually don't remember what my first games was, but I also have terrible memory so it doesn't surprise me.

Jalva2771d ago

Don't remember mine either, don't even remember what console it was, just remember it was orange lol

Mr-Dude2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

It was a fighting game with knights on the amiga... More I can't remember

Edit: Googled it. My first game was Moonstone (1991)

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The story is too old to be commented.