AAA Companies: Be Afraid, Very Afraid

Time to get it off my chest...rampant graphical dick measuring and corporate takeover have absolutely pissed all over innovation. Who will come out on top? THE INDIES, of course! INNOVATION LIVES!

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uth113335d ago

Today's Indies are tomorrow's evil AAA publishers.

Just like what happened to EA and Activision over the years.

LumpztheClown3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I'll give you that some very well could, but not ALL of them! Activision went through a couple of buyouts before they became the Activision of today.

However, some of my favorite indie developers, such as Locomalito and Team Meat, are just folks who love games and want to contribute! The purest form of passion, if you ask me! :-)

uth113335d ago

oh right, I forgot to add that the ones that don't become big and evil will get bought up by the ones that do :) EA bought Origin and Maxis and others.

guitarded773334d ago

How many of these indie devs will be devoured along the way though? There is a big difference between working on a small team on a project, and one that takes hundreds of people. Big pubs may buy some out, and if they don't perform on their first outing, they may end up shutting them down. It happens all the time unfortunately.

-Foxtrot3335d ago

You either die a great studio, or stick around long enough to see yourself become the villain.

itsjustexuma3335d ago

Fez's creator is an example of an evil developer

DiscoKid3335d ago

Evil, or just a total jackhole.

LumpztheClown3335d ago

i second DiscoKid. Talented developer, total jackhole! :-)

003335d ago

he's not talented, He stole everything from actual talented people and screwed them over, that's why he couldn't make fez 2 and was so quick to leave the industry.

llMurcielagoll3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Agreed, he may have made an indie game people liked i.e Fez but he showed us all that he is an idiot and the game industry is better off without a smelly Fish.

FortyArcade3334d ago

That's a shame because FEZ was a great and unique game.

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DragoonsScaleLegends3335d ago

I don't enjoy mobile games with no story and I don't enjoy buggy triple a games with bad short storys but good graphics. It seems this has been for the most part what has been available to me on PS4. Velocity 2X seems to me that it fits between these two categories and is actually enjoyable but other than Last gen ports there has been nothing really amazing to me yet. Just lots of wasted $60 pre-orders.

LumpztheClown3335d ago

I feel your pain! I have so many promising titles on my Steam wishlist that I'd love to get, but some of them have been in beta limbo for well over a year and I can't see myself taking the plunge.

Practices like that would have been corporate suicide before the Internet, so I'm not sure why it's acceptable now! :-/

ArtificiallyYours3335d ago

It's the way of business pal.

The roads of commercial progress is met with self-inflating success, and humbling failure. You don't boost your ego without getting kicked in the gut a few times down the road.

Fez' developer for example. You're never special to the point of superiority.

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purple1018d ago

Ahh yes the good old game preservation of saving all your games to a removable hhd on the Xbox 360, taking it round your mates house, setting up multiple tvs to
Be met with “save data corrupted, please re download”

Or how about removing 360 games
From the store
, download them now or else, and, better hope to god that save data doesn’t corrupt, or it’s lost for ever

Nice one ☝️

Zeref8d ago

It's better than what Nintendo and Playstation is doing. It might not be perfect but at least they are TRYING. Unlike the others.

DarXyde8d ago

Trying? Take off the blinders for a moment, mate.

1. A failure to preserve games is just that: a failure to preserve games. Don't try to sugarcoat it: NO ONE is doing it properly. Better than awful is nothing to write home about.

2. At the time of this comment, isn't it the case that you need an internet connection to play Xbox games even if you buy physical discs that are hardly in circulation anymore? I don't have a Series X and I can't verify, but I think that is correct. I'm fairly certain you can at least play PS5 games at version 1.0 (not much of a win really when many games require day one patches). I think Microsoft's all digital, licensing approach is by far more aggressive than anyone else's. They really try to push you to game pass where you lose your entire library by umm.... Skipping a month of payments.

I don't think anyone is doing it right whatsoever. Don't get me started on Nintendo, who goes after anyone looking to preserve their games better than they ever would with extreme litigation.

Don't be a simp for any of these companies. Get it together.

PhillyDonJawn8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

@DarX never speak on Xbox again. You lost all credibility with your internet connection comment. Smh you have 0 clue and misinformed yet speaking on something you don't no squat about.

Einhander19728d ago

What has Sony done exactly? You guys keep deflecting to Sony but I am not actually seeing any results, and ai am certain nothing that you can come up with even comes close to what Microsoft has done and what they have tried and failed to do, like tie all your disks to your account on xbone.

Microsoft removed their whole indie section when they moved to the xbone because they were going to only allow games on the service that came from a publisher, id@xbox started after xbone launched and it only exists because Sony embraced indie and Microsoft was forced to cancel their plans and reverse course.

And every single game that was part of games for windows live including disk games (I have gta 4 on disk that won't work) so hundreds of games that use that DRM no longer work unless the company themselves patched it out which of course very few did.

MrBaskerville8d ago

Not trying. Tried. they killed of the backcomp program years ago. They set something up again, but sounds like it's more of an attempt to save the current library on whatever they are planning next. With luck they save everything and more, but let's see. I could see them killing off parts of the OG xbox and 360 libraries. Can't imagine that they would allow us to play Forza 5-7 in the future.

With that said, I do like what they've done and really wish they could have done more.

shinoff21837d ago


So killing off physical media is trying what exactly. Ms don't really give a fk if you think they do your kidding yourself.

Profchaos7d ago

They are not trying this team is established for forward compatability the team is. It interested in preserving Xbox or 360 games.

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isarai8d ago

Is that why Hellblade 2 is digital only?