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Nintendo's upcoming multiplayer title Splatoon was on show at PAX this year. It still looks fun, but seems to lack a little something.

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Locknuts2759d ago

Yikes! I hope it's better than he made it sound! It's the first game I'm looking forward to this year.

EdMcGlone2758d ago

I honestly think it's more of an issue with what I was given to play. I'm optimistic that the final product will be a lot better.

BrianSharon2758d ago

With all the wetness and squirting, this game gives off an awfully moist vibe.

wonderfulmonkeyman2758d ago

If there wasn't Rule 34 of this already, quotes like this would inspire it...XD

wonderfulmonkeyman2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

There's a way they could easily solve the "extra point" issue that the person talked about in this article; just have the starting area covered in your team's ink by default, saving you the trouble of having to do that and allowing you to get right to the middle of the arena.

Also, in a way, this could be looked at as a new form of the classic "Domination" match type that CoD players are familiar with, the difference being that instead of just three areas on a map, it's the entire map itself that you've gotta claim.

BudokaiGamer2758d ago

When they were showing the game at E3 there was usually 1 teammate that stayed behind to cover the base while the others covered the hallways towards the main part of the map. This would make it so that everything from the start was covered and everyone got to get going right away.

After the guy who stays behind paints base then they head out and join the others.

Problem solved!

*although I do hope we get voice chat, otherwise what is the built in mic good for?*