Opinion: Competing for Head Space

The age of virtual reality will soon be upon us, but how fast will this technology catch on when it does? Here are some the challenges Oculus, Sony, and HTC must overcome.

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awkwardhamster2761d ago

True. I saw one of the VR companies tape the leap motion controller to the front of their visor to capture hand movement. I think it was OpenVR.

DougLord2761d ago

One 1080p screen for 2 eyes doesn't cut it. We need 2x1080p or 1x4k. Need at least 100 fps. 120 preferred. Need 15-50 tflops of compute.

specialguest2761d ago

Morpheus, Oculus, and Valve VR all are on the right track and are impressive in their own light. I just hope some no name VR company don't hit the market prematurely first and f**k up VR for the masses with a subpar hardware and experience.

VforVideogames2761d ago

You forgot to mention Hololens.

PistolsAtDawn2761d ago

All the Vr Devices are pretty nice in their own space, So far is it seems like Occulus is the best of the strictly VR devices, but for me none of them holds a candle to HoloLens. HoloLens adds a whole new dimensions not to just gaming, but the world, and it's not tied just to a games console despite being created for games first. I also have no doubt that at some point (if not at launch), they will also give it a blackout screen so that it can double as a VR device on top of AR....after all, VR is easier to do than AR.

wakeNbake2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Agreed I think Hololens will be the most succesful not only because of obvious cosmetics, but because where as the others excel only in gaming, Hololens has the potential to be your everyday device with far more uses and possibilities. I already have $400 im putting away for whenever the preorders go live.

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