Driveclub Devs Hype This Month's "Amazing" Cars; Replays Confirmed; "Best Video To Date" on Monday

Driveclub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has been teasing a “special” expansion coming this month. Today you get more color on what it will entail, with the promise of a trailer coming on Monday, and apparently it will show “amazing” cars. Replays were also confirmed for this month.

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GribbleGrunger2771d ago

Driveclub: The game that just keeps on giving.

Jalva2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Keeps on giving basic features that should've been in the game at launch.

If the weather physics DLC released in the pre-horse armour era, Driveclub would be the laughing stock of the industry, unfortunately these practices are normal now.

GribbleGrunger2771d ago

This is getting rather old now dear chap.

eferreira2771d ago

Complaining about free stuff eh, you need to find more stuff to do in life.

Aloy-Boyfriend2771d ago

Says the guy who is still waiting for screenshots and faster install times since forever

gamerfan1282771d ago

Not necessarily, no.

Driveclub was a solid game at launch (minus the online issues for 2-3 weeks) and has continued to improve.

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fanboysmackdown2771d ago

Keeps on giving, yeah right. After all the minuses this game stareted with it's finally catching up and soon I'll pick it up in the bargain bin with all the extras for $20 and you suckers paid full price for half a game.

freshslicepizza2771d ago

you mean like the playstation plus content promised almost 2 years ago?

badz1492771d ago

I just finished the Midnight tour yesterday and now I can't wait for more. my only gripe is the Tours are a bit too easy aside from only a couple of events in Elements and Midnight. or...maybe I've been playing it too much that I've gotten quite good at it, I don't know.

dantesparda2770d ago

You've probablybeen playing to much, cuz I can barely get the stars on the two free tours. I is sucky.

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uth112771d ago

Ha! I called that this update had replays when they were teasing it yesterday!

ps5fanboy2771d ago

Best driving game period.

Jalva2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

What about Gran Turismo?

*Fanboy paradox mode activated*

reallyNow2771d ago

GT is still the best racer, but until GT7 comes out, driveclub is keeping me occupied. its alot of fun and hits the same sweet spot of shaving off 10ths of seconds with tons of practice.

Brisco2771d ago

Haha in your world? Cause last time I played it it still was mediocre.

gamerfan1282771d ago

Have you tried it since the weather update and new content? It's a great online racer.

Kiwi662771d ago

"Best driving game period " on ps4

SeanScythe2771d ago

PS+ version please. That was "Promised" for all PS+ subscribers. I'm not a big fan of racers so I'm not going to drop $50 for a game I may not enjoy.

jaseo2771d ago

if you're not a fan of racers, you won't like driveclub. (apart from how good it looks)

I was disappointed my logitech wheel isn't supported, but I have to say the dualshock experience is fun. (not a sim, but requires precision to do well)

Think of it this way, you're not wasting hard drive space or download bandwidth :)

DragoonsScaleLegends2771d ago

Yeah don't ask for the Plus version anymore or you will get disagreed on a hundred fold. From the reviews it's a average racer with nothing special except in the graphics department like most of Sonys exclusives so far. Anyways I have a feeling they are just going to release the whole game for free to plus users when it does finally drop instead of a stripped down version.

gamerfan1282771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

The PS+ version is still coming, it's a great racing game with all of the added content and features, and many PS exclusive games have great gameplay. Look at the high scores on metacritic.

Your bitter strawman attacks are worthless.

weirdo2771d ago

Replays are all I want, thanks for this beautiful driving game. Nothing touches it. Period!

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