3 Things Uncharted 4 is Recycling from The Last of Us

Naughty Dog is one of the best game developers in the world, and they capture the very best of the PlayStation spirit. They currently have Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End under development and it’s set to release (hopefully) this year. As of now, Naughty Dog has released one teaser trailer and 15 minutes of gameplay footage for A Thief’s End, giving us a glimpse at what’s to come. After reviewing the footage I’ve realized some key features Naughty Dog is bringing over from The Last of Us, their last incredible game from 2013.

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WCxAlchemist2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

If ND try to make uncharted story Dark and a emotional rollercoaster like tlou Uncharted is doomed 2b honest cause thats not uncharted..

Stick to the ballz deep indiana jones style because its an action/adventure game nothing more nothing less.

Where in hell is amy hennig get her a$$ back ASAP!!

brettnll2760d ago

She's working on the next Star Wars game haha.

WCxAlchemist2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Bretnll your a Genius! Thanx...See what you did Obama geezz

Imalwaysright2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Uncharted 4 writers are trying to achieve a balance between a darker and a lighthearted tone in Uncharted 4.

sinncross2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

I dont get why there are still ppl who think Uncharted 4 is going to ditch the narrative context of the trilogy and prequel, in favour of something like TloU?

All UC's have some serious/ dark tones to it at some point in its story. UC4 is going to be UC through and through. No need to worry about that.

psman0122760d ago

It's not recycling. Its learning and improving on gameplay. Uncharted always had boring hand to hand combat, and TLOU was brutal and more interactive. If uncharted used old assets from TLOU I'd agree but this is in no case recycling.

brettnll2760d ago

Recycling is not a negative term in this case.

brettnll2760d ago

I used the term "recycling" because they are 2 different game series. If it were U3 to U4, that is what I would consider learning and improving the Uncharted gameplay. In no way was this suppose to come off negative toward Naughty Dog.

showtimefolks2760d ago

it was pretty much conformed by directors of TLOU who are not leading UC4 that the story won't be darker. They said these are 2 different gaming series

now that's not to say they haven't learned few things from TLOU and may implement them to UC4

There are some developers we need to give benefit of the doubt and ND,Kojima,Cd red project,rock steady etc, are on that very short list(bungie was on it but not after destiny)

Bathyj2760d ago

I actually thought Uncharted 3 had some pretty great stealth, (when they let you use it.)

When the Last of Us came out,I wasn't surprised at all that naughty dog had all but intercepted it.

I'm really hoping uncharted 4 allows you to go the stealth route whenever you see fit to use it, and not pigeon hole it to certain sections.