OlliOlli - Review - Xbox One UK

Skateboarding video games have traditionally had little to do with the sport of skateboarding itself. The Tony Hawk games were popular in part because they let you do things that Tony Hawk himself could not do. whether that was effortlessly pulling off a complex trick while jumping over a helicopter or grinding on top of tall buildings. OlliOlli, is a 2D skateboarding game which really grabs your attention from the go, the backdrops of the game maybe look a little old school looking and resemble games made back in the days when spectrum’s took four hours to load a game but this really should not put you off.

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TheNinjaTurkle2770d ago

Awesome fun game. well worth the money.

gamingdaduk2770d ago

Loving OlliOlli! Finally a game I at least stand a chance of beating other peoples scores on!