First gameplay of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

First gameplay of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood revealed.

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crazychris41242761d ago

Looks like fun but its going to need to offer alot if its $20

dcj05242761d ago

Two missions. I'm hoping a good 3-4 hours

mikeslemonade2761d ago

Rather them just put this towards the next game.

Locknuts2761d ago

I'm playing through TNO at the moment. I love shooters but this one is pretty meh. I like the cinematics but the gameplay is average as hell.

Genova842761d ago

What difficulty you playing on? I beat it on "I am death incarnate!" Really enjoyed it.

Locknuts2761d ago

Second highest difficulty. It just feels shallow somehow. The stealth bits are especially bad.

dcj05242761d ago

Dude that's crazy. It had some the best fps gameplay of 2014 imo. Man different strokes for different folks. I can't beleive you think it's meh. Make sure your playing on hard

Monstar2761d ago

is it any different to COD? NO not really.

snoopgg2761d ago

Just bought the new order and love everything about it. I guess everyone has a different tastes. I agree it has been a really good shooter imo !

Monstar2761d ago

agreed...its not for everyone.

PygmelionHunter2761d ago

I also agree. What I don't agree with is that it is NOTHING like Call of Duty besides the fact that it's a first person shooter.

Monstar2761d ago

similar type of melee, controls the same, aim down sights, first person perspective, fast paced....shall i go on? same core

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2760d ago

Yep. The only difference between Wolfenstein and COD is COD has human controlled enemies and cheesy camping.

Pintheshadows2760d ago

What you are describing isn't a similarity to CoD. You are describing the first person shooter genre. If you think they feel the same it just suggests that you likely haven't played either series.

They handle completely differently. They are paced entirely differently. Their action could not be further apart. Wolfenstein actually has level design.

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showtimefolks2761d ago

one of the better or most under rated games on next gen consoles.

Somebody2761d ago

Lol. A Grammar Nazi reference in a game fileld with Nazis.

DerrickCole2761d ago

I'm excited. I loved the new order.