PS4 Firmware 2.50 Enables Share [email protected], Trophies Search Online

Leaks about the PS4 Firmware 2.50 beta apparently include Share Play working at 60FPS, the ability to search/share trophies details and more.

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kaiserfranz1852d ago

It would be really amazing to do SharePlay at 60FPS. Luckily I have the bandwidth

Imp0ssibl31852d ago

Damn you! I'm stuck with a noob ISP for now...

PeaSFor1852d ago

great news and improved features, Foehammer be like "ARRGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!NOPE I AINT MAD!"

badz1491851d ago

Foehammer? you mean 100 vs 42?

Pixelart1851d ago all we need is some games that actually play at 60fps

masterfox1851d ago

Battlefield games
Call of Dutys games
Killzone shadowfall multiplayer
all freaking sport games
All freaking indie games are full HD at 60 fps
Ultra Superstardust
like 80 % or more of all damn games on the PS4 are 60 fps, so don't know that the hell are you talking about with the some games comment ?

Or.. maybe... you are from the other side that are bunch of haters in denial ? .... nah I don't think so, haters, fanboys is such a minority :D right.. right... ? ooooh wait....

uth111851d ago

Because some high-profile games are 30fps, some people believe that most PS4 games struggle to hit 60 and 1080p I guess.

Alexious1851d ago

Me too! Hopefully Remote Play will be extended to 60 FPS soon as well.

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Festano1852d ago

Great, another interesting update, so we hope that they continue.

JMaine5181852d ago

Nice! Love to seem them improving on great features!

Alexious1852d ago

They're putting a lot of work to try and catch up with Microsoft on this regard.

This is why competition is good.

Insomnia_841852d ago

More like MS was catching up to SonY and that's why the XBO has received way more updates than the PS4. The XBO has been an incomplete mess since launch!

Ricegum1852d ago

Sony are far and away leaders in terms of updates and new features. Microsoft are certainly playing catch up here.

Muzikguy1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Sony isn't trying g to catch up. That's just coming from people complaining about a lack of features. Yes, I do believe that the OS is lacking a bit, but the system itself is awesome! I'm sure it's MS that's trying to catch up. That's why they scrapped Kinect (pretty much), keep slashing their prices, and are pushing AR now (which ironically will make Kinect useless) I do like that share play is getting upgraded. Have yet to use it. Also would like offline support for trophies

Rimeskeem1852d ago

I didn't know the Xbox one had shareplay

LackTrue4K1852d ago


when Microsoft is ever considered "competition" in games/sales...let us know.

uth111852d ago

Microsoft just made a bunch of noise about a new screenshot feature.


And you say Sony is playing catch up :)

XBLSkull1852d ago

Coming from the console that missed out on an entire 8 year generation of cross game chat? My 360 has more features than my PS4...

CernaML1852d ago

^It also has more functional features than your Xbox One. :^)

badz1491851d ago

catch up? LOL when did MS introduced SharePlay?

Fatal-Aim1851d ago

What XBLSkull means is that he has a PS4 taped to his wall with a knife in it. Lmao!

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Randostar1852d ago

The best part of this .........Suspend and Resume PLAY!!

Mostafeto1852d ago

That is the highlight of this update for me as I think 7t is gonna be so useful to many gamers

Muzikguy1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I like that as well, can't wait!! It's going to spoil me I just know it

Edit: I'm thinking it only works in single player games? There's no way you'd pause online :) either way, I welcome this!!

ccgr1852d ago

That would be awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.