Yep, Gigantic Still Looks Pretty Cool

Kotaku: Gigantic is a team-based action game coming from James Phinney, the lead designer on StarCraft, in which tiny combatants fight alongside huge monsters. It's supposed to arrive on both Xbox One and PC sometime later this year, and you can sign up to test it out if you want.

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ic3fir32759d ago

and run 1080p/60fps on xbox one <3

himdeel2759d ago

Looks bad ass but dont understand whats going on :(

christocolus2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I'm impressed.loving the art style of this game. cant wait to try it out.

bleedsoe9mm2759d ago

and the music , is this game related to FF in any way ?

bleedsoe9mm2759d ago

@christocolus thanks , maybe its just me hearing the snes jrpg vibe

WCxAlchemist2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Cant wait for this and smite to drop on xbox. Go to to sign up for beta

PistolsAtDawn2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

This game looks awesome!!!X1 has actually impressed me with quite a few indies that I REALLY want to play.

On the top of those lists are Ori, Blues and Bullets (although the name is dumb), Smite, Neverwinter, Zheros, Elite, Wasteland 2,Beyond Eyes, Cuphead, Earthlock, Flame the Flood, Submerged, Shadow Blade.....SOOOOOO MANY GAMES TO PLAY. Before this week there were only 4 of those games that I thought would make it onto my X1....and I know I'm forgetting some. This year is just flat out packed!!!...looks like next year will already be packed as well (even if it just means catching up on games from this we "know" NMS will be on X1 next year as well).

OpieWinston2759d ago

If you haven't seen Gigantic... You need to check it out.

Think MOBA with no lanes, no waves of creeps, no items to worry about.

Towers are replaced with areas where you capture and spawn a creature that either acts as a Support or a Damage support in that area while gaining power for your Guardian.

You can steal Power from the guardian and bring it back to yours.

And the game ends when one guardian is dead. The Guardians will fight each other.

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