PS4 2.50 update adds suspend/resume feature

Sony Computer Entertainment has begun a new PlayStation 4 system software beta testing program for its PlayStation MVP Program members, and details on firmware update version 2.50, now in beta testing, have leaked.


Apparently the firmware is being planned for a public release either later this month or sometime in April.

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AliTheSnake12771d ago

"Delete trophies with zero percent."
Search trophy details on the internet, including screenshots of scenes with trophies.
SharePlay at 60 frames per second.
Share trophy details and screenshots."

Funny that these features for me are better than the one in the title.

TheRedButterfly2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Wait, deleting 0% trophies hasn't been a thing? As a self-identifying Achievement Whore, I would have died if the X360/XO didn't offer that feature...

However, I would much rather Sony/MS give you the option to delete the progress of any game, and take the achievement/trophy progress with it. That one time I played Army of Two at a friends house and made the mistake of using my personal account? Yeah, now that progress is stuck on my account... -_- Joy.

JoGam2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Damn I just started creating a video from SharePlay. Maybe I should wait.

Edit: @ TheRedButterfly....It ain't that deep.

BABY-JEDI2771d ago

I'm looking for a feature that says 'not enought trophies '
Hopefully this kick ass feature will be implemented soon.

VenomUK2771d ago

Suspend/Resume will be good for me when I'm right in the middle of a fight or something and HAVE to stop. But I'm actually excited about the deleting trophies with zero percent. I've tried too many games that within minutes I knew were not for me. Wiping them from my record will increase my completion ratio.

CryLessGameMore2771d ago

i want to delete my 6% baby video game trophies

Kingdomcome2472771d ago

@Ali-I don't understand. Are you talking about trophies/achievements that have neither gamerscore attached to them nor raise your trophy level? @Redbutterfly- If that's what you all are talking about and there's a way on Xbox to delete them, how do I do it?

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SpringHeeledJack2771d ago

Other features

-Delete trophies with zero percent.
-Search trophy details on the internet, including screenshots of scenes with trophies.
-SharePlay at 60 frames per second.
-Share trophy details and screenshots.

At last deleting those games with zero percent trophies.

Sony are just killing it with the features. Share-play is just awesome and it's getting better.

ziggurcat2771d ago

Deleting 0% trophies is an amazing feature. I've been wanting them to implement that for a long time.

himdeel2771d ago

I think this was already a feature on the Vita. Hiding not deleting 0% trophies.

dantesparda2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Suspense/Resume (this one can be checked off)
Friends Online/Off Notification and Friendlist sorting
Appear Offline Option
Full Local & External Video and Music Playback
External HDD support
Custom Dynamic Themes and Wallpaper
Bluetooth support for Sonys PS3 headsets
Trophy Sorting
Auto Sync Trophies
Offline Trophy Mode
Back Up to And Restore From
Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete and Rename
Make pancakes and steak tip dinners.
And more.

I got a disagree (a few mins later) I guess some people don't want these features?

KwietStorm_BLM2771d ago

You have my vote. I want everything on that list, especially friends list sort, and appear offline. Sony said they don't have as many updates because of criticism on PS3. They were criticized because many updates were under the hood, stability updates. Now, we have to wait several months between updates on PS4, with many features still missing over a year after release. Instead of trickling out features over time, they wait for a handful together, and still end up leaving out useful things like folders or a media player, both if which were on PS3 8 years ago. Then you have people above saying deleting 0% trophies is an "amazing" feature. AMAZING. If you don't stay on top of the manufacturers behind your beloved electronics, they won't improve. These updates have much, much room for inprovement, and being complacent and saying Sony is killing it with the features, helps out none of us.

Tdmd2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Appear Offline Option

I still can't believe we don't have this yet. It's so basic, and still, so useful.

Thehyph2771d ago

"Bluetooth support for Sonys PS3 headsets"

With the exception of the one that looks like a hands-free for a mobile, all of the official headsets run over RF. (I think) Hence the USB dongle.

deadpoolio3162771d ago

Nope there are some alright ideas...Hopefully they leave out the DLNA, I don't steal movies so it doesn't effect me...It's not heartbreaking that with new anti-piracy measures in Sony movies that they can't be watched on a console without being streamed....

xActionBasturdx2771d ago

Yea those would be some nice features to have added on...especially th e appear offline option. Sometime I just wanna game wit out get a ton of game invites to stuff I'm not playing at the time

22CobraKing2771d ago

Maybe they'll add some of the features in a bigger update.

SmielmaN2771d ago

Bluetooth support for PS3 headsets is awesome for me. I bought the camo one less than a yr before PS4 came out and it sucked not being able to use it. This is great. No more talking through the camera and hearing ppl through the surround sound.

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ion6662771d ago

Also they said this video chat was a thing. something called oovoo.

itsjustexuma2771d ago

Oovoo will be added to the Ps4 because the Xbox One has Skype

callahan092770d ago

Sweet! Love this feature on Xbox One, been waiting for it to come to PS4. Can't wait!

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Omar912771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Hope so. It was One of the main features that was advertised for the system. Anyone know when spotify Is coming to ps4?

I really hope they add offline mode so that i can watch netflix without having to tell my friends im busy and cant join a party.

Folders is a must!

Cant think of anything else major right now besides those 3

JMaine5182771d ago

Looks like Spotify is coming on the 29th of March. I say that because that's when Music Unlimited is closing and most likely will be on or before that date.

UKmilitia2771d ago

end of month as far as i know dude.
i know music unlimited ends on 29th march so im assuming its gonna be replaced straight away.

Maxor2771d ago


I'm watching Netflix then come a few invites to join Destiny or Diablo 3. It's annoying.

BC_Master_Haze2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Or those people who don't realize you don't want to play what they're doing (say you're leveling up a new character in destiny) and invite you 100 times over, blocking the radar, I feel ya man

delicia2771d ago

Ever since I discovered Spotify, can't use any other music player. Sooooo good for premium users. Nice touch for the PS4.

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joeyisback2771d ago

How do I become a mvp member

Omar912771d ago

Good question. I would like to know also

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Click the link and apply. If the team thinks you have something to offer, they'll give you a shot. If you're just a fanboy don't bother.

killagram2771d ago

Disagrees cause....?? He gave a valid link and stated there's criteria for being an MVP.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Killagram, don't bother. There are some really pretentious and borderline insane people posting on N4G if you haven't already noticed.

Death2771d ago

He's getting disagrees because his statement about being a fanboy is unsubstantiated. Here's the Terms of Use for being an MVP if you are interested,

The Community Management Team looks for passionate Playstation fans when accepting or inviting gamers to the program. "Fanboys" may indeed apply.

andibandit2770d ago

Hes getting disagrees because <look at comment history>

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itsjustexuma2771d ago

It takes 4 months for them to accept you

Snookies122771d ago

Nice, I hope we get some way to sort applications in the future... I want folders dang it!

JMaine5182771d ago

It's about dang time! Suspend/resume is such a good feature to have. On another note how can I get in this beta program?