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the_dark_one2397d ago

Cool i played iy already but wouldnt mind to go for a new round, i thought Thief would satisfy my first person sneaking adventure but...... It didnt unfortunately

getrektedmate2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Thief 4 was garbage! The loading times were annoying as ****! BTW cant wait for dishonored 2!!!

mikeslemonade2397d ago

Meh.. I don't want to play a early cross/gen game.

Muzikguy2396d ago

This is cool. Sad thing though is that I haven't gone back to my PS3 for anything other than Rocksmith since I've gotten a PS4. I get all the Plus games but don't play them

LightDiego2397d ago

But i already have this game, i'm so pissed. /S

Neonridr2397d ago

you might have sarcastically been "pissed" but you can't exactly be pleased by the news either because that's one less "free" game you are getting with your subscription.

I have never played Dishonored, but I don't have a PS3 (PS4 / Vita) so it is no use to me either.. :P

HammadTheBeast2397d ago

I mean, there's 11 other months and other games which still are worth the value. You'll fine something I'm sure.

ChronoJoe2396d ago

Personally I'm usually pleased when others get to play a good game that I've already played. I especially enjoy it when the online multiplayer games I own get put into plus, as it drastically expands their community.

Gore-Content2397d ago

Good game that should not be missed.

Clown_Syndr0me2397d ago

Got this for free on 360 like 6 months ago. Not played yet, probably never will.

HeavenlySnipes2397d ago

It's a dope game

I admit I haven't finished it either lol, but the couple hours I've played were great

Pogmathoin2396d ago

Usually you see the super trolls waffle about Xbox gwg being out on PSN..... Very quiet on this one, what happened? Goalposts moved again?

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The story is too old to be commented.