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Microsoft unveiled Ori and the Blind Forest to the press, here's the review of the game

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Foehammer3284d ago

4.18 out of 5

So an 84 then

Really good score

mikeslemonade3283d ago

I played this today at GDC for about 30 minutes total. It's okay. I will buy it definitely to support this kind of game development and exclusivty.

However the game was okay/good so far. There's metroidvania elements in this game that is kind of a turn off since there have been lots of metroidvania games out so far.

Automatic793283d ago


If this game is a turn off. Don't play it. There are plenty of games out there that you might want to try.

slappy5083283d ago

Statistically, 3.5/7 people overcomplicAte things...

DougLord3283d ago

83.6. Talk about precision. And for people criticizing remember this is a $20 game.

DarkOcelet3283d ago

I was not criticizing if you think i was. This is a definite day 1 for me when it comes on PC because i dont have an Xone yet.

ic3fir33283d ago

not a true review, is a preview score -_-
Review release only monday 8pm

Thantalas3283d ago

@ic3fir3. Maybe the website broke embargo?

I can't read French. Translation says 'Test' at the top doesn't that mean review? Also, if they've given it a score surely that means it's a review?

GribbleGrunger3283d ago

This looks like a really good game. What's with that silly review score though?

Gazondaily3283d ago

I disagree with the score. It should at least be 4.73

Fireseed3283d ago

No it should CLEARLY be a 4.7685 these reviewers are novice at best if they can't tell that!

700p3283d ago

Yeah its a good score :))

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WCxAlchemist3283d ago

4,18/5 What!!!

This is why alcoholics should not be reviewing games or at least be banned from giving numbered scores. 4,18/5 LoL see what you did Obama

Tapani3283d ago

What the hell are you babbling about?

1nsomniac3283d ago

I think he means the promotion & acceptance of open stupidity.

Palitera3283d ago

Yes, we see "what Obama did".

"Super smart" people can't even recognize when they are being trolled with a randomly thrown number score and think reviewer used it seriously.

Obviously you fail hardly at comprehension, so I'll explain it to you: the score is clickbait for anti review nazis.

qwerty6763283d ago

i expect this game to be around the 8/10 range

maybe slightly higher.

ic3fir33283d ago

game will have very high marks, and this is not a review but a preview.
Review arrive Monday the 8PM

DarXyde3283d ago

Not surprising. This game looks amazing. I expect best reviews all around.