The Ultimate - The Last of Us 2

What do you want to see in the The Last of Us 2? In this video we discusses what we hope to see next.

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The Last Of Us Series Has Remarkable Potential For Spin-Offs

Najam from eXputer writes "It's time fore a new installment in the series, not another pointless remaster."

anast21d ago

They are working on something new. Not to be rude but it is impossibility stupid to think ND next major announcement is going to be a remaster or their next Last of Us entry is going to be another remaster.

AlterRecs18d ago

I think this is in response to them releasing a remaster for the sequel, a game that didn't need a remaster.

Basically a "why did you put out a remaster no one asked for when you have all there options available"

anast18d ago

They remaster is to put out something quick while they are deving new stuff. I don't get how people can be so static.

AlterRecs17d ago

There's no news about a third game being in production, you're just assuming that they're working on something that they aren't

anast17d ago

When they release the news to start the hype-train, you can give me my props then.

DrDoomer21d ago

I want an alternate timeline spin-off, where part 2 never happened.

CrimsonWing6921d ago

They’ve already done Remasters of 1 and 2… what else is there to Remaster?

AlterRecs18d ago

Considering they remastered the first game twice, who knows lol

CrimsonWing6918d ago

That was a Remake. I guess they could do that to 2, but man…. They should wait a couple generations so it can look like a major upgrade.


The Last Of Us Online Devs Celebrate Their Experience With The Canceled Game

The team is sad for losing out on such a great project but celebrates its growth because of spending time on it.

Chocoburger65d ago

All they had to do was make a basic online mode like their previous games. Instead they wanted more money and choose to go live service which makes games worse in my opinion.

What a waste of time and money, what a shame.

seanpitt2321d ago

I can't wait for season 2 so they can kill Joel off in the first 2 episodes!! Then it will be just Abby and Ellies revenge plot!

Something is telling me that this won't happen though because it wouldn't make sense, oh wait

Linzoid65d ago

Not sure why they didn’t just make Factions 2. There was no need to make it a live service.

TLoU Factions was a great addition such a shame they couldn’t be bothered to remaster that for PS5 considering the crazy high price tag of the remaster of a remaster…

anast65d ago

This is something to be celebrated. This studio is smart and they get it, even factions 2 wouldn't've have been worth the time. I am surprised they didn't just remaster the first one though, but actually how popular was Factions?


Cancelled The Last of Us Online Menu Image Surfaces

There's a The Last of Us Online menu image that seems to have surfaced confirming a Battle Pass, seasons and more.

Amplitude68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

A battle pass, seasons, virtual currency. I've never actually been happy a game got cancelled til now.
I want to play a sequel to Factions too but not like this. This can burn in hell with the rest of the cash-grab games as a service games.

Remember when online gaming was actually just fun and you could hop into a match of Warhawk or Halo or CoD or Last of Us Factions or Uncharted online and not need to deal with all this?

porkChop68d ago

I can't believe it hasn't been remastered yet. It was so good.

phoenixwing68d ago

Warhawk is my fav online game

Sharky23168d ago

I always thought if they were gonna attempt a GAAS then War Hawk was perfect. I know it could ruin the experience but if done right we’d have War Hawk again. I really miss that game.

Cacabunga68d ago

I’m glad they canceled this thing.. now go back to SP games

KillaJamm68d ago

I second this some of my favourite online gaming moments was in that game, every match was epic.

frostypants68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Warhawk was my one of my favorite Battlefield games, even if it wasn't technically Battlefield. The sound effwcts were so good and every form of combat was satisfying.

jimbo67668d ago

The things people do to convince themselves that this was great for Sony is bonkers. All they needed to do was cut out all the gaas elements and return back to basic the last of us online modes. They don't want to do that because overall the game was terrible and naughty dog doesn't know how to make good online games. Would probably have been forgotten in about a year just like the rest of their online mode games. The spin around here ishilarious.

derek67d ago

Oh man Warhawk was awesome.

Amplitude67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Just a heads up gang you can still play Warhawk online super easily on both a modded and unmodded console as well as RPCS3. It's really simple to set up. Just do a quick Google. You can still always find a match too. I play a couple times a week

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raWfodog68d ago

Yeah, I totally disagree with Sony’s massive push for the high number of GaaS games spearheaded under Jim Ryan. I could see a focus on a small number (like 3) but they are (were) pushing for 12 and that is taking so many development resources away from single-player, story-driven games. Yes, games cost money to develop and the aim for these GaaS games is a steady source of revenue, but there has to be a happy balance somewhere.

Funny how some of the usual suspects here were rejoicing at the news of this cancellation as if it was a blow to PS fans. I thanked the heavens when I heard of this cancellation.

isarai68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Same, and they are selectively blind cause there were a good portion of fans, myself included, who have been saying for a LOOOOONG time they would've rather seen this get dropped if it meant getting their other projects on a faster track. Would I have like to play this? Sure, but not at the cost of delaying and stressing the development of their other projects, and especially not after being redirected to a full on GAAS title. It's a bit bittersweet but it had to be done to get back to what they do best.

Also hate this side narrative that ND somehow are terrible at MP because this got cancelled, they made 4 MP portions to their games, 2 of which were legendary (U2 and Factions) the other 2 still pretty solid. The issue was this was them being pushed to make it a Live Service title, which is a very different beast than just a fun MP, and literally none of Sonys 1st party has experience doing that.

derek67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Sony can't just ignore the most profitable sector in gaming forever they need to grow in areas they currently don't occupy. Sounds like what SIE and ND need to do is develop a new sector of their business that can deal with tlou online as a separate entity from the rest of ND, starting small and growing as business grows. An expansion that would allow current ND to continue making their single player games, while a completely separate branch handles their online game. Trying to do both with ND current infrastructure was not wise.