Is World Of Warcraft Patch 6.1 Worthy Of Being a Major Patch Upgrade?

FilmGamesEtc writes:
"Four months into the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, the first major content patch has arrived. However, it might seem that, at first glance, there is substantially less to this patch than previous content patches have contained…

And there is."

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Neixus3331d ago

It wasn't meant to, they are filler patches. Been this way for a long time.

Mikeyy3331d ago

Yes millions still play it.

After all the hate. No other mmo has come close to replacing it. For 10 years. That's impressive

thrust3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Yes wow is still huge!

2 reasons for this response pick one :-

1. Was not good enough to raid or pvp.

2. Could not afford to play.

At the end of the day wow is the game all MMO is based on that's how good this game is.

DirtyLary3330d ago

3. Realized there were better things to do than click the fishing button 4000 time so you can impress your friends with a WOW achievement.

Raf1k13330d ago

WoW has been improved a fair bit with the new expac. Everyone seems to love the garrisons but I'm not keen on the way professions are now. Follower missions are cool as are many of the raid encounters.

The game still has a lot going for it.

i8urCAKE3330d ago

i think it's time to move on with your lives

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Roccetarius3331d ago

Blizzard is sitting comfortably in their golden chairs, while laughing at the people still subscribed to WoW. It's bad enough with the more aggressive direction towards microtransactions, but they're also releasing expansions sooner with less content in them.


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bluefox7552558d ago

Karazhan is the one I most remember, ran it about 1000 times...and ICC, stopped playing after that.

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Poli_Games2884d ago

What is a developer that means the most to you? Who's your favorite dev? And why? Let's talk about it! :D

Perjoss2884d ago

Long time PC gamer so its pretty much all about Blizzard and Id Software for me.

Relientk772884d ago

In a single word: Diablo

Diablo 4 please

Poli_Games2883d ago

YES!!!! Or a Warcraft 4... A boy can dream! :3


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