Video Game Hardware was a $67 Billion Market Last Year

According to new information presented by analytics firm Jon Peddie Research, and video game industry made $67 billion in hardware sales last year.

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ROQFrost2761d ago

Only $67 billion? I feel like it should have been more.

WilliamUsher2761d ago

$67 billion in hardware.

That's not including software sales.

That's actually quite massive.

Stevefantisy2761d ago

That's because anything connected to gaming business wise can be a smart venture.

Jacktrauma2761d ago

That's a lot of dough! I agree tho, it felt like more.

Magnus7012761d ago

Wonder if that includes high end work PCs

Pandamobile2761d ago

If it's rocking a gaming GPU, it's probably a good bet.

Skate-AK2761d ago

$67 billion is a lot of money. I think it is insane how much Apple has.