New Xbox One Controllers at PAX East 2015

Microsoft unveiled new Xbox One Controllers at Pax East 2015

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Kingdomcome2472761d ago

I love the color scheme of the Fable Legends controller.

Sylis2762d ago

Need Fable Legends <3 !

Professor_K2761d ago

wtf is up with the disagrees?

Are the ps fanboys really getting salty over people liking these controllers?

Pathetic... these ps community is autistic i swear....

CryLessGameMore2761d ago

or no one likes fable legends lol

modelgod2761d ago

Exactly! ! Over controllers for crying out loud. Yesterday there wasn't not one piece on X box, all sony, and now hate and vitriol over controllers, WOW!!!!

SpinalRemains1382753d ago


The button says disagree. Maybe it means that they disagree with the comment. They do not like the Fable controller.

Is that not possible?

Professor_K2752d ago

@SpinalRmains its possible when you are fanboy that going to places where they have no interest just to troll.

Seriously look at the other comments, its not just this one.

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Moldiver2762d ago

I want that white/red halo 5 controller!

xTheMercenary_2761d ago

Why cant these go on sale? i really want that witcher 3 one.

its_JEFF2761d ago

oh man, those look sweet! Pretty nice designs.

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The story is too old to be commented.