New Freedom Planet Character to be Playable at PAX East

Freedom Planet is getting a pretty significant piece of new content in the form of a brand new playable character, bringing the cast up to four.

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Can't Afford Sonic Frontiers? Here Are Some Great Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Luckily for those deterred by Sonic Frontiers' high price, there are several other games that capture the same spirit at a lower price point.


Fan Games That Became Fully Original Properties

Let’s take a look at five fan projects that became legally distinct from the original property

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The dimensions of running and jumping - 2D Platformers vs. 3D Platformers

"When it comes to gaming, few genres are as satisfying as a good old platformer so let's take a look at what makes both 2D Platformers and 3D Platformers unique and figure out which sub-genre is ultimately more enjoyable." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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