Size Does Matter, The Order: 1886

James Wynne Writes: If The Order: 1886 is a new branch in the evolution of gaming, I hope it’s an evolutionary dead end.

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Spotie2761d ago

Lame. Making the argument again that the cost of the game should factor into its reception, when this hasn't been considered seriously in gaming since its inception. Also once again treating context-sensitive button prompts as qtes, instead of just being atypical of control schemes for games.


maniacmayhem2761d ago

Was price not considered in past games like Titanfall when it was revealed that the game would only have multiplayer? Many people questioned the full price of the game when there was no SP or other features (which were later added).

Context sensitive button prompts are not QTE"s but are now atypical control schemes? I guess those full motion video games of past years for Sega CD should be considered as movie interactive fun watch time with option directional movement atypical to its control genre.

Lets redefine everything in video game history just for the sake of defending this game.

MysticStrummer2761d ago

A multiplayer only game takes less work to make in comparison to a game with a single player story so your reference to Titanfall, while revealing, isn't very relevant to the subject. Shall we go back through gaming history and downgrade scores for single player only games? That's what needs to be done if your logic is the right way to think.

maniacmayhem2758d ago


Please provide proof that a multiplayer game which has just as long as a development cycle, animation, programming, marketing, QA, not to mention balancing, multiple maps, stress testing and voice work takes less time than a single player game.

"Shall we go back through gaming history and downgrade scores for single player only games? That's what needs to be done if your logic is the right way to think."

How is that my logic? No where did I ever suggest that ever. I think it's your logic that needs to be questioned here.

kstap332761d ago

Defense of this garbage is lame.

MysticStrummer2761d ago

Calling a game garbage when it's not is lame exaggeration. The game got a mediocre reception. That doesn't make it garbage. I've played games with worse gameplay and higher scores many times through the years.

_-EDMIX-_2761d ago

"The Order: 1886 is a new branch in the evolution of gaming"

....the fact that anyone is saying this just means they play a bit too many console games.

I game on both, and on PC many, many exploration titles exist, story focused titles etc.

They are short, limited in game play, focus on story etc.

Many games do this that are trying to focus on other things vs just shooting stuff.

The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls etc

Gaming is diverse, most who don't get The Order, likely haven't play much games if they really ,really think this is something new.

Ark_2761d ago

What are you talking about? Pricepoint is allways important relative to what you get. It's called Bang for the buck. It decides, if you feel you made a bargain, if a price is considered fair or if you feel ripped off.

X1 for 199$. <<< Awesome. Give me two.
PS4 for 799$ <<< Keep your overprized garbage.

The reception of a product is very dependent on the price. Look up the recent articles on the Steam Machines. Everybody would be totally hyped, if they wouldn't be so expansive compared to a selfbuild gaming rig. Or remember the reception, when Sony revealed the PS4s pricepoint?

To get on topic: The Order would have gotten better reception for a lower pricepoint. Like it or not; for 60$ you just get better games (maybe not more beautiful).

_-EDMIX-_2761d ago

No so much.

PS3 outsold 360 with a cheaper price point....

For some years, the 360 was cheaper then the Wii....

Yet it was in 3rd.

A lot of it has to do with what are you offering. Folks will pay the price if they feel the product warrants it.

" The Order would have gotten better reception for a lower pricepoint. "

The Order would not have as I feel what most reviewers felt about the game was based on experiences with other games outside the genre of what the order actually is to begin with.

The died hype behind the Steam machines is due in part to the actual specs of them, not just the price.

Some of the specs are not even meeting 2X PS4 or XONE specs which is rule of thumb what one wants to seek if the wish to even meet next gen performance.

Without optimization, that is what PS4 and XONE's would actually cost if they were more PC then console.

spacewarrior12761d ago

enough of the bad publicity. the controversy is only going to make The Order sell well. if it got 6/10 scores and no one cared it would have flopped the way it deserved to. remember controversy creates cash. let this trash rot in the bargain bins were it belongs.

blakstarz2761d ago

Great game...I hope there is a sequel!!!

Jalva2761d ago

You don't have to hope, there WILL be a sequel, it's probably almost finished already!

blakstarz2761d ago

I highly doubt that....but I'm sure they can take away what they learned about the 1st game, and look at the constructive criticism and not the bashing for the hell of it ones.

Then the 2nd one might trump the 1st...

_-EDMIX-_2761d ago

no. I hope they merely make a sequel to what they delivered with The Order.

I see no reason to turn the game into something its not.

If I played The Walking Dead 1 and felt it should be open world, have MP, co-op, skill tree etc.

Should they make Walking Dead 2 this way?

Soooo make it the way you wanted it to be? Maybe you should actually just play a game that has those features, you might have missed the point of the game entirely.

PlebeGamer2761d ago

I'd love a sequel that gives more freedom in weapon choices, has better AI, less QTEs of the pointless variety, and more interactivity.

I don't want multiplayer, but if the story is short I either want a price that reflects that or reasons to put the game back into my PS4 after the credits roll, something the first game failed to provide.

WizzroSupreme2761d ago

Great article, some very valid points here.

reallyNow2761d ago

I'm looking forward to the eventual sequel. The Order was a fantastic experience.

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