Top 5 Most Well-Developed Characters in Gaming

There’s something gripping about a good story, whether it be in a book or a game, and I strongly believe that this hold is what helps to raise the sentimental value of some titles more than others. And just what exactly is it that gives a story its substance? The characters. Sure, one can play a Halo over and over for the gameplay appeal, but where lies the emotional grip? In honor of some of my favorite games and characters, I’ve compiled a list of my top five most developed characters in gaming.

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Bloody and battered Cyborg Ninja statue by Gecco now available for pre-order

Toy manufacturer Gecco Corp has opened pre-orders for their damaged Cyborg Ninja statue, officially called ‘The Final Battle Edition’. As the name implies, the statue portrays Gray Fox as he appears during his final battle in the game, with his arm torn off by REX and his helmet visor destroyed.

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Nyxus1d 10h ago

Yeah, their figures always look really good.


Russia Appears To Be Using Its Army of Trolls To Peddle Its Version of Esports

The infamous Russian army of trolls appears to be involved in a massive spamming operation to promote the embattled country's version of Esports via a massive gaming tournament backed at the highest levels of the government.

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Documentary TerrorBytes Delves into the Annals of Gaming Horror

TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming is an exciting new documentary series from the creators of First Person Shooter.

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