Last Chance to Play: TimeShift

"ZL: There was a very interesting trend during the 7th Generation of video game consoles. With greater processing power, many developers began to create games that were focused solely on a specific mechanic—often some kind of manipulation of the environment. This lead to titles such as Fracture, where you morph the ground, Inversion, where you…walk inverted…, Singularity, where you trigger singularities, and TimeShift, where you shift time."

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KOIMOJO2344d ago

This was the first game I got when i bought my ps3 back in high school. I thought it was so badass at the time lol.

DimensionalSound2344d ago

It's amazing to see how much the FPS genre has changed since then!

Summons752343d ago

I remember when this game hit. Me and a friend downloaded the demo (when demos were a regular thing for almost every game) and we both loved it, then it released and all it got was hate. I liked it, it wasn't a great game but it was different.

Pintheshadows2343d ago

I fall into the same bracket as you. I didn't hate it. It was serviceable and I enjoyed while it lasted.

urwifeminder2343d ago

Recently got this again on a steam sale played the hell out of it on 360 online was very unreal in style.