What is the definitive Assassin's Creed game?

The Hub World writes: Assassin’s Creed as a franchise has a large amount of games, so we will only be focusing on the main series. This means that you will not see handheld games such as Bloodlines or Liberations, as it seems unfair to compare games with much smaller resources to the main series games. In addition, this Showdown will only focus on the single-player experience, as multiplayer is absent from three of the main games.

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-Foxtrot2762d ago

Assassins Creed II....obviously

It will never be beaten

KimikoGaming2762d ago

I felt AC4 came very close.

-Foxtrot2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Black Flags wasn't really an Assassins Creed game though was it

Good game but it was all about Naval combat, Plundering and Pirates

The Assassin stuff felt shoe horned in at last minute

"Holy shit guys, I've totally forgotten we were supposed to be making an Assassins Creed game"

<Everyone Scrambles>

So if we had to pick the best ASSASSINS Creed game it would be ACII not Black Flags

getrektedmate2762d ago

AC4 was a bad assassin game, but it was a good pirate game

Jalva2762d ago

To many people AC4 was better than AC2.

If you look at the pattern, Ubisoft always makes a meh AC game and then improves upon it big time;

AC - Meh
AC2 - Awesome
AC3 - Meh
AC4 - Awesome
ACU - Meh

Brotherhood and Revelations were just expansions to AC2 so they don't really count.

KimikoGaming2762d ago

You forgot the handheld games and rogue as well. Liberation was pretty meh. Rogue is pretty good according to many people.

If this trend continues, Assassin's Creed Victory should be pretty awesome.

Jalva2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )


I didn't forget them, I intentionally left them out because they're spin-offs, I'm talking about the main entries only.

"If this trend continues, Assassin's Creed Victory should be pretty awesome."

Yeah... that was kinda my point.

Jaqen_Hghar2761d ago

A man has always liked Brotherhood better. It took everything cool about 2 and added horse riding in the city and it felt really cool to call in your assassins. A man always likes the 3rd games in series though. Normally it goes
1. Good concept, rough or missing stuff from later ones
2. Most improved
3. Most ironed out and polished as well as adding a thing or two

RiPPn2761d ago

I agree, my list would be as follows (excluding Unity as I haven't played it yet)

1. Brotherhood
2. II
3. Black Flag
4. Rogue
5. 1
6. 3
7. Revelations
8. Freedom Cry
9. Liberation

Mikelarry2761d ago

Give this gamer a cookie, ac2 was the peak of this franchise and personally none of the other assassins are as cool or deadlier than ezio

WellyUK2761d ago

Personally believe the best one is the first one. Preferred the time zone and pretty much everything apart from the game-play mechanics compared to AC2. AC3 was let down by it's awful main character and Unity was let down badly by it's awful new combat which was clunky and not fun.

Locknuts2761d ago

Yep 2 is the definitive AC game but 4 is the better game overall.

aLucidMind2761d ago

I don't see how AC4 wasn't an Assassin's Creed game in terms of the pirate theme. It's an ideology, not a class or a specific group of people that become Assassin's. Anyone can become an Assassin or a Templar.

I do agree that Edward didn't do much of anything as an Assassin, just donning the robes and pursuing his personal agenda with references to how he's helping the Assassin's at times doesn't exactly count as being an Assassin.

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itsjustexuma2761d ago

If Ubisoft loves the momey shey should of just remaster the first 3 in one and see the money rain

Biohazard88602761d ago

Assassins creed 2 without a doubt.

Kevlar0092761d ago

AC2 is an amazing game. I would get lost in the city, absorbing the life and exploring every nook and cranny. Since I identify most with my Italian heritage, exploring an open world game set in Italy was great.

It was back when the task of finding landmarks, doing quests, and finding tons collectibles was fresh, now we've had several Far Cry's, AC's, and other games following the formula. Story and characters were good, and it was before the series became an annual franchise so more care was put into the game.

Other than the difficulty of climbing and moving down buildings I didn't find much fault in it.

Haru2761d ago

First one was my favorite for me is:

1- Asassin's creed
2- Assassin's creed 2
3- Assassin's creed black flag ( Even tho it was more a pirate game than a assassin's game it was pretty fun : )

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