Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires - PS4 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

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All too often, the Warriors games get accused of doing the same thing year in and year out. Fundamentally they are quite similar, but the Empires series has always been interesting to me because it layers strategy over the top of the familiar Warriors action. The end result is usually my favorite in any series of Warriors games, and that still holds true with Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires.


Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review | Rice Digital

"We’ve covered Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires on PS3 and so I’ll be describing the Vita-centric features so you can decide which platform offers the best experience for the game." - Rice Digital

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Top 5 hardest Xbox One game completions of 2015

Alec writes "In my last post I gave my opinion on the easiest Xbox One game completions of 2015 and now it’s time to go to the other end of the spectrum by taking a look at the top 5 most difficult and/or longest game completions from the same year. Seriously, these games have some extremely annoying and tricky achievements so you’ll need to be prepared for a massive grind to 100% them."

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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review on Popzara Press

A mobile Dynasty Warriors 8 that's the complete experience - minus some choppiness and technical glitches.

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