GDC 2015: Oxide Games and Stardock Discuss Mantle, DirectX 12, and Vulkan [VIDEO]

Maximum PC: The future of AMD's Mantle is up in the air since AMD recently told developers to focus on DirectX 12 instead. However, it doesn't appear as though AMD is ready to completely dismantle its API, which will have a future in Vulkan, the next version of the OpenGL API. You may recall that Oxide Games was a big proponent of Mantle -- check out our interview from a year ago. How does Oxide feel today? To find out, we headed to Oxide's booth at GDC and talked about a number of things.

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Stardock announces Sins of a Solar Empire II

The long-awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed real-time space strategy is being created by developers from the original team with a new, bespoke engine.

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Star Control IV Has Been Confirmed By Stardock

After years, a sequel to the notorious Star Control franchise, Star Control IV, has finally been confirmed to be in pre-production planning by Stardock.

rlow1945d ago

Yes, I loved the first game. I really hope they have a good budget to everything they want into it. A lot of found memories battling ships in the multi player.


DirectX 12 Agility SDK Announced and Released Today by Microsoft

At GameStack Live, Microsoft announced and released the new DirectX 12 Agility SDK, which delivers DX12 Ultimate features to a larger base. There will benefits for Xbox, too.

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Orchard1094d ago

Pretty cool. Should help devs adopt more modern rendering techniques on both PC & Xbox rather than have to target old versions to cover the majority of their users.

Sayai jin1093d ago

I saw a report that the new Windows update causes a performance decrease in gaming performance.

1093d ago