I Beat Castlevania NES

"If you have time on your hands, and a lot of patience, give Castlevania a go. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the games today, that hold your hand to completion with little to no challenge." The AX of Play Legit writes

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The Highly Rare Castlevania: The Arcade Preserved; Becomes Playable On PC

Konami's highly rare Castlevania: The Arcade has finally been preserved, and everyone can soon get to play it for free.


Games That Should Be Adapted to TV

The Last of Us, Castlevania, and Arcane are actually good. What else could be good?

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Rimeskeem293d ago

I think the games would need to have a strong narrative or lots of lore to explore to make a good show. I don't understand why Overwatch doesn't make one, Blizzards cinematics are already amazing, why not just make some shows with their stuff?

porkChop293d ago

For me:
- Sleeping Dogs (I know Donnie Yen's making a film)
- Killzone (from the Helghast perspective)
- Mass Effect
- BioShock (showing the rise and fall of Rapture)
- Hitman
- L.A. Noire

Flawlessmic293d ago

Killzone, mass effect, bioshock and legacy of kain would all be insane as TV shows with the right budget!

Would love that so much!

Add MGS to that list :)

MIDGETonSTILTS17292d ago

I would prefer a Killzone game from the Earth perspective, just because I think the slow realization that the protagonists are actually antagonists is great… idk if it would have the same impact vice versa.

porkChop292d ago

Maybe, idk. I feel like since the Helghast look evil but are actually the victims it could make for unique and compelling TV.

PaleMoonDeath293d ago

Legacy of Kain.. no debate about it.

TheKingKratos292d ago

That would be a dream if done right

Star51293d ago

Mafia series
Mass Effect (if done similar to Star Trek)
Red Dead Redemption
Detroit Becoming Human
Max Payne

Soy292d ago

Hitman would be great - like a reverse Law & Order, kill them at the end instead of arrest.

hotnickles293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Condemned criminal origins

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Now is the Perfect Time for Castlevania to Make a Comeback

Castlevania is one of the most important franchises in gaming history and yet it's been largely abandoned, despite being so very ripe for new games.

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The3faces354d ago

I'd love a Castlevania Lords of Shadow remake.

CorndogBurglar354d ago

Lords of Shadow was such an unexpected and awesome game when it came out. I would love something similar to that.

staticall353d ago

IMO, first Lords of Shadow was cool, but exploration was very limited (due to camera angles and invisible walls). Graphics was great, combat system was varied. Plot was kinda ok and final battle was meh. If they would improve exploration, i would gladly buy a this remake.

But Lords of Shadow 2 was... Slooooow and not fun. Feel like they went with style over substance.

Smellsforfree354d ago

Fuck off with the 3d generic action adventure crap. Give me more classic 2d Castlevania or GTFO.

TheEnigma313354d ago

nah it's Konami remember? They don't have a good team in place for it. Play Bloodstain; amazing game.


So true. Still shocked they are allowing a Castlevania based/inspired expansion for Dead Cells.

Einhander1971354d ago

Typical Konami, unfortunately there back catalogue means nothing to them. But we can live in hope.

FalcorMononoke353d ago

Yeah but the fact that Itagaki left sort of shoots this idea in the foot. I thoroughly enjoyed the new Bloodstained games on the Switch. Not the 2.5D one but the 8 bit versions.