What Can We Expect From The GTA V Heists Update?

IM PLAYIN discuss what we should be expecting from the GTA V heists update.

"The GTA V heists have been a long time coming! We’ve been teased and tormented with the prospect of the heists for well over a year now, and March 10th will finally see the release of this long awaited update. I myself am incredibly excited for the GTA V heists and, in my excitement, I’ve decided to do a little background research around the update, to see what we can expect from Rockstar next week."

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ZombieKiller2770d ago

New modes, new cars, new things to play. New ways to play. For free.

There are new free roam activities like Lester calling to distract the cops (like I don't do that already lol) or Lamar might call to blow up a car. Trevor doesn't like his competition planes flying around either.
Seems like all of this is set to bring Los Santos to life even more!

There are a TON of new cars including a new VTOL jet as well. Expect an aircraft carrier too. Hopefully in free roam. New APC, a Karin Rebel pickup with a gattling gun, new boats and all sorts of heist related, armored vehicles.

What to expect?


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Avernus2770d ago

Can expect servers to get rekt when the update drops.

WCxAlchemist2770d ago

I think we can Expect another delay. I mean its only been nearly 2yrs

Lord_Sloth2770d ago

I came in here just to say this. It's been a hella long wait.

killagram2770d ago

Cause yeah, Rock* gave you an incredible game which built upon an open world environment with HD upgrades, a new gameplay mode and killer online components that other development studios only dream of. But yeah it's fair to complain about free dlc taking too long to come out. F'n whiners.

Lord_Sloth2770d ago

^ This DLC wasn't supposed to be DLC. It was advertised as a feature in GTAO since it's initial unveil!

Yes, I'm gonna complain and yes I have the right to complain! And this game is far from incredible. Don't be such a fanboy.

spacewarrior12770d ago

i expect it to be very disappointing. 2 years for 5 heists. either way not much hype surrounding heists. Rockstar was too worried about milking the sales of GTAV to release heists and now its less than a week i could care less. i'll still play it as i haven't sold the game yet but don't really care for GTA online. in fact GTA online is the worst online mode i've played in any game and i generally find GTA games decent.

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The story is too old to be commented.