Physical disc release of J-Stars Victory Vs+ may be exclusive to PS4 in the U.S.

Retailers are only listing a disc release for the PS4 version of J-Stars Victory Vs+, which may indicate that you can only buy a physical copy on Sony's current-gen console.

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StormLegend3336d ago

Nice! I'm getting the PS4 version anyway!

sinncross3336d ago

Would suck if this is true but I guess on the bright side, at least it is coming to the West and the PS devices are region free if push comes to shove.

Still would be lame if only the PS4 gets a disc release but it is better than nothing I suppose.

AnimeFreak0133336d ago

I'm hoping 4 a CE version as I would buy it right away if they announce one. I'm just happy more games or coming to US from Japan.

killerluffy1233336d ago

I just smashed my Vita to the floor

ChiefofLoliPolice3336d ago

Doesn't matter I'm double dipping. Getting this for PS4 and Vita.

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What do you need to know about Weekly Shonen Jump crossover fighters

More and more Japanese games are being localized every year. Especially as anime and manga series develop larger, worldwide audiences. Jump Force is the latest to show up worldwide. While it might not be the best crossover title or have the most diverse character roster, it might be a good introduction into this sort of world. So, let's go a bit deeper and learn more about Weekly Shonen Jump crossover games.

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A Look at All of the Fighting Games Available on Vita

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "While fully-fledged fighting games on handhelds have achieved varying levels of success in the past, they weren’t really a thing until the PSP. Prior to this there would always be certain concessions to get them running on weaker hardware. Sony’s powerful portable console, however, allowed developers to experiment with new ways of delivering their titles that would sometimes be hugely successful (e.g. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection), which in turn meant new games were forthcoming throughout the console’s life. This mantra continued onto the Vita, which received ports of a number of high-profile fighting games, from launch through to the present day.

The ever-expanding industry of eSports has somewhat put a damper on handheld fighting games, as the fanbase moves increasingly towards arcade sticks, perfect latency, and other measures that always ensure a fair fight. That doesn’t mean the Vita doesn’t have access to its fair share of fighting games, though – whether you like 3D arena brawlers, party-friendly multiplayer titles, or pixel-perfect technical 2D fighters, you’re well served by the selection that’s available here, especially when including backwards-compatible PSP & PS1 games."

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Amazon February Digital Game Sale

Amazon is currently having a sale on digital games for PS4, PS3, PS Vita and Xbox One, and they are offering up to 75% off on selected consoles and handheld games. So if you’re looking to buy some new digital games, you can receive massive discounts on games that you never thought would go below their retail price from this digital sale.

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2263d ago
Ilovetheps52263d ago

I really dislike these articles. Every day they're pretty much the same. It's just a random assortment of Amazon's usual sales. I don't understand why this is posted every single day with just a different sale name.

dark_ruller19962263d ago

Affiliate links the poster gets money. Sad but true.

InKnight7s2263d ago

exactly I mean as you said tons of articles about usual sales as old anime game + ubisoft failures + EA failures but, nobody talk when The Witcher 3 on sale or something.

Slappy McGee2263d ago

It's always that season84 guy. N4G needs to allow us to filter articles by username.

BKirckof2263d ago

Yea, they're pretty much useless. Hey, if you love PlayStation so much you should fill out my PlayStation survey. It's for college and I'm a sad, lonely man with no friends...


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InKnight7s2263d ago

almost identical to discount deals of Psn store

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