Physical disc release of J-Stars Victory Vs+ may be exclusive to PS4 in the U.S.

Retailers are only listing a disc release for the PS4 version of J-Stars Victory Vs+, which may indicate that you can only buy a physical copy on Sony's current-gen console.

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StormLegend2761d ago

Nice! I'm getting the PS4 version anyway!

sinncross2761d ago

Would suck if this is true but I guess on the bright side, at least it is coming to the West and the PS devices are region free if push comes to shove.

Still would be lame if only the PS4 gets a disc release but it is better than nothing I suppose.

AnimeFreak0132761d ago

I'm hoping 4 a CE version as I would buy it right away if they announce one. I'm just happy more games or coming to US from Japan.

killerluffy1232761d ago

I just smashed my Vita to the floor

Blade922761d ago

Doesn't matter I'm double dipping. Getting this for PS4 and Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.