Helldivers Review: I'm From Super Earth And I Say Kill 'Em All (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn: "Come on you apes! You wanna live forever?"

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bggriffiths1861d ago

Kudos, for the Starship Troopers references, enjoyed seeing how many I could find.

Blues Cowboy1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Do you want to know more?

Spotie1861d ago

This game seems to generate a lot of those, which makes me want to play it, whereas before I wasn't even interested.

Blues Cowboy1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

I love how HellDivers feels like Sci-Fi Magicka, but with more tactics and cooperative play. Impressed by how much scope there is to tinker with different loadouts (or tanks!).

Seen a few people dismiss it as 'just a dual-stick shooter' and get kinda annoyed. It's really pushing what we should expect from the subgenre.

rdgneoz31861d ago

Yah, the game is fun. Nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when you're beating suicide and up missions. Takes a good amount of teamwork to beat those. Also, a lot of room to play around with different load outs and if you spend points in something you end up not liking, it's not hard getting more (level 5 or 6+ missions give about 10 samples or so).

Der_Kommandant1861d ago

I can't stop playing this game

superchiller1861d ago

Shame that the game is poorly balanced for single players, seems like it is mainly made for coop play. That's why I am skipping it, the devs really should have made it more balanced for single players.

Blues Cowboy1861d ago

I know what you mean, but the co-op play is really, really good. Helldivers is fun with PUGs too, so don't let it put you off.

Don't get me wrong though, I agree, some of the objectives are practically impossible solo on harder settings and it can be really annoying when you find it out the hard way. At least you'll earn influence and upgrades regardless.

marloc_x1861d ago

I know the Vita install base is rather light..

..but I'm surprised you wouldn't have anyone to play with schiller ;)

ArchangelMike1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Don't skip on it. Trust me. You can solo upto level 5-6 missions if you have the right loadout. You'll still level up and still contribute to the galactic rating. Plus it's alot more tense and panic inducing :)

If online co-op is not your thing, do what I do with couch co-op. Problem solved. Everybody wins :)

Maxor1861d ago

I can't believe it took an indie PC dev to trump both Destiny and Diablo 3 because this game addressed the failings in both games.

Diablo 3: Great game, ruined by hackers.

Destiny: Boring and souless grind fest.

Hell Divers on the other hand does everything right, small bite sized missions with tense action packed battles. Of all the games I ever played, this is the first game to make friendly fire fun.