GDC 2015: 'Bloxels' is a Physical Level Editor for Digital Games

TouchArcade: The folks at Pixel Press had a dream: Drawing levels in real life that they could beam into their very own video games. They achieved that dream with Pixel Press Floors [Free], which let you create platforming game levels on graph paper and import and play them by using your iOS device's camera. They then brought that tech to a major IP with Adventure Time Game Wizard [$4.99]. Now they are going a step further with their upcoming project Bloxels.

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Hand Made Games, One Block At A Time, In Bloxels

Marcus Estrada writes: "It seems that every year some new software is developed that makes folks like me think "wow, video game creation is really becoming possible for everyone." It's great to see that there's an increase in openness of engines, as well as the creation of software which doesn't even require programming know-how to get going. The latest game creation device is even more friendly, and is known as Bloxels. Instead of being a pure software solution it takes on the look of a toy with a tangible board which you place different colored cubes into."