ZPlay: Review: Zombie Army Trilogy (PS4)

ZOMGPlay's Review of Zombie Army Trilogy:

"What originally started as a spin-off to the Sniper Elite franchise has steadily become its own game with a moderate fan-base; and rightfully so, but what this trilogy collection does is expand the previously available with new content, new characters and a new chapter in the story."

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SolidDuck2762d ago

This game is a lot of fun.

Immorals2762d ago

Games awesome. Playing online with randomers who drop out at a hard bit.. Not so awesome!

2762d ago
ZombieKiller2762d ago

This game is awesome if you are a fan of killing zombies.

Look at my name. Realize I am crazy about it! Lol, to me this game is a really well designed campaign where you move from spot to spot, shooting zombies and completing objectives. The graphics, sound and weapons remind me of World at War yet it stands on it's own in the same.

The part that grabs me is the features. It's 15 levels, plus the unlimited round mode. Not only can you adjust the difficulty, but also the number zombies in your game as well. It gets REALLY tough with the max zombies. The other day I got 18 of them with one grenade....let's just say if you like that sort of game play, pick this one up. It has PLENTY of that. Trust me! Not to mention the first level of 15 took about an hour to go through....we took our time but STILL! There are 15 chapters!

All that for a $40 tag had me hooked. I don't regret my purchase for a second!

Skate-AK2762d ago

Sounds awesome. I am just waiting on a physical release. I have way to many digital games already. Way past my 1TB HDD.

ChronoJoe2761d ago

I already have a physical copy of this game, you can get them online. In fact, my physical release came two days before it was available digitally.

So, yeah... no need to wait! :)

2762d ago
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