Blizzard Announces $450,000 ESPN Tournament Prize for the “Heroes of the Dorm”

If you’re a Heroes of the Storm fan or a fan of MOBA titles, signing up and playing in ranked group play could earn you some college tuition funding – to the tune of $450,000.

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Jacktrauma2759d ago

Love this game and its awesome to see Blizzard doing this for these people!

Stevefantisy2759d ago

Sweet deal for these HotS players.

JoeIsMad2759d ago

Honestly I wish that I wasn't already in the Beta, because I would have loved to play in the tourney for some College funding. Hell, I would even sign up for college if I could get in for free. (to college, not this Beta. LOL)

Magnus7012759d ago

They can afford more money...

JoeIsMad2759d ago

Yeah, they probably could, but it's only split across five guys. Seems pretty reasonable.

Magnus7012759d ago

I mean, its a good amount, but it won't pay for 4 years of University for 5 guys. It'll help for sure.