Sony on Project Morpheus: Price has to be 'Right from Day One'

VRFocus- With the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) still in its prototype stage, creator Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) isn't really ready to talk about price points for the consumer version of the kit. That said, the updated version of the device, shown at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week, is said to be 'near final' in terms of design. Add to that the looming 2016 release and SCE notes that the price for Project Morpheus will have to be 'right from day one' to help the kit succeed.

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Eonjay2765d ago

What do you think is the 'right price'?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2765d ago

Sony will get it down to $199, even if they have to start selling it at a loss, the real profits will come from software sales, the same way profits are rolling in from the PS4.

Death2765d ago


The only confirmed game that supports Morpheus right now is Project Cars and Morpheus isn't required to play it. We are about a year from Morpheus launch and there is no software announced for the device to offset a loss yet. If the games made available work without the device, no money will be made to make up for the losses. Sony will need to sell Morpheus for a profit from day one unless it is sold as a separate platform all together. The closest thing we have today to compare it to is the Rift which sells for $349. I would imagine the Morpheus launch is being postponed to allow pricing to come down before release as well as time to create content. Best case I would say we are looking at $249 and maybe $299 with a game.

Rimeskeem2765d ago

I agree with this.

If thy price it like that it will make others lower their price. This will help VR get off its feet.

Dfooster2765d ago

I think they will launch this with no mans sky VR edition for $250. Just a gut feeling

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )


It's not just Project Cars

Among The Sleep
The Assembly
The Castle
Cult County
Eve Valkyrie
Five Nights At Freddy's
Jurassic Encounter
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
London Heist
Magic Controller
Project Cars
Street Luge
Surgeon Simulator
The Toybox
War Thunder

Cupid_Viper_32765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I've been waiting for this bad boy ever since Sony first announced its first HMD, the HMZ-T1. I had mine preordered and paid $980 after taxes and all, that was 4 years ago I think.

The newer portable version, the HMZ-T3 is still selling at a premium on Sony's website, but i believe thats because they dont have much competition in that department, and nobody is matching the quality offered by the HMZ-T3. But I think having been making HMDs for 4-5 years now has yielded many benefits for Sony. First, it has allowed Sony to have, in my opinion, the most comfortable and best looking design out there when it comes to VRs. Secondly and most beneficial, they've had years of feedbacks from actual customers. Meaning that they've heard all sorts of complaints ranging from comfortability, to eyestrain over extended longterm use (years), and also pricing.

Meaning that using their real market data, they have a competitive edge when it comes how to properly price such a device for mass market adoption. Also, they can get the manufacturing parts for much cheaper than Valve and Oculus can, given that they've been making HMDs for some 4 years now.

Also, Having used the HMZ-T1 for some 4 years now, you don't necessarily need the games to be tailor made for VR to get an immersive experience. Of course a game tailor made for VR is leaps and bounds more immersive than the former. I play GT5- and GT6 on it, and KZ3, KZ Shawdow Fall, BF4, and Trine 2 in 3d on it. And it is by far a better experience then simply playing it on your TV.

I'm expecting a $150 stand alone, and $229 bundled with the move and camera plus a digital voucher for No Man's Sky.

DLConspiracy2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Its a peripheral much like a controller. So they are going to have to price it to make money on it. Its not like a system. Sure there will be games for it but unless Sony is going to make tons of 1st party games then it will be hard to payback that money. Especially having to cover the devs too. I am sure they will make games. Perhaps that's what the wait is for. They might be getting 1st party devs to make games for it at launch.

Personally $300 seems to be the sweet spot. If its over that. Its too much.

Charybdis2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

With or without camera and with or without the move controller. Hope they will have a decent bundle ranging from 200-300.
edit: hope they will also throw in a free game of some kind

Death2765d ago


I have seen nothing confirmed by Sony as far as games go. We have a couple lists going around of games/tech demos that are currently out on other platforms and some upcoming games that are compatible with Morpheus, but don't require Morpheus. Is this all we are to expect of VR is playing existing console games made for the TV on a head mounted display?

I'm not trying to downplay Morpheus, but so far I've been underwhelmed with the entire VR movement. If games are not made specifically for a VR unit, what's the point?

I guess we will see at e3 in June which is when the actual games will be announced.

TWB2765d ago

200€ would be the most I would be willing to pay for such a thing unless it really impresses me (if I get to try it at some store)

To me, 150€ would be very tempting but not sure how realistic that price point would be.

nveenio2764d ago

I would love to see this at $399 or less. The lower the better. I just don't want to pay $499. And I definitely don't want to pay more than that. $299 would be a day-one purchase. $199 would be a gift from the gods.

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MegaRay2765d ago

$400? I dont think our and Sony's 'right price' are the same.

Personaly, I think the right price is $150 or $200 with two VR gamer

himdeel2765d ago

$150-$250 not a penny more.

lelo2play2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Right price for me would be 100-150€. More then that, NO thanks.

prodg522765d ago

I think it'll be around $250 without the camera. Sony will probably throw in a move controller or 2 free and just eat the cost of that to keep the price down.

camel_toad2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It being a peripheral I just cant see them selling enough of them if it's priced over $150-175. When you start getting to $200 and higher youre getting too close to the price of a new console.

Gamers would pay $200 or more but they cant make a living off gamers alone.

3-4-52765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

$200 & included 2-3 games.

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garos822765d ago

I agree. Pricing will be extremely important for adoption rate.

Releasing in 2016 might give them time to reduce production costs so heres hoping

Jaqen_Hghar2765d ago

Kaz at the next E3
Just kidding! $299!"

ashen1222765d ago

Haha genius that would be hilarious.

199$ is the perfect price imo, I already have the pseye and move controllers

Jaqen_Hghar2765d ago

$199 for just the headset. $299 for PSMove controllers and Camera included

A man already has the camera and wants to play with the DS4 on this thing (it's an option as they've shown) so he would get the $200 model.

WCxAlchemist2765d ago

Just give the price on it already instead " The price has got 2b rite from day one"..No smack Einstien jus say the price

TFJWM2765d ago

They can't know the cost of production till they finalize the hardware...

WCxAlchemist2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Well think they should stop talking bout price till they actually have one to announce

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