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Lords of the Fallen cannot escape Dark Souls' shadow, but its weighty combat and impossibly chunky art style still give it an identity of its own. Yet the shadow still looms, and in the case of Lords of the Fallen's newest add-on, Ancient Labyrinth, it wholly swallows its imitator. That Ancient Labyrinth is so short is not, in itself, a fundamental flaw. That it is devoid of imagination and betrays the exploratory wonder of the main game, however, is unforgivable. This tiny, throwaway slice of action is a rude return to a world with far better stories to tell.

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Aon2771d ago

I don't agree with this rewiev. For me this DLC is very nice, maybe is a little too short but I'd like it. Ancient Labyrinth looks very interesting, enemies is hard to kill so DLC is challenging like the game. For me this DLC is worth to play on it.

ThePowerpuffGirl2769d ago

I think a little overboard with this opinion. DLC is not so bad. But from the very beginning they said that the addition will not be long. And it's not that bad. In the end, it's only additive, not a main game. In LotF played me good, and I'm very happy with the extra moments with Harkyn.