Langrisser 3DS theme song singer, new character announced

Masaya Games has announced the theme song singer and a new character for its 3DS Langrisser revival.

Masaka Okui will sing the theme song, which will be revealed in full during her Birth Live 2015 Neo Stage event on March 13, where she will perform it live.


Langrisser 1&2 (PlayStation 4) - Demon Gaming

Lyam writes: Once you start, you’re immediately thrown into a combat scenario. There’s a help menu to flip through to understand the basics, but otherwise, there is no hand-holding tutorial to walk through the process of battle. The help menu can be brought up when needed and for the most part, the mechanics are similar to other strategy RPGs that have come out over the years.

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A Hero’s Introspection | Langrisser 1 & 2 | NookGaming

A classic is reborn, but you might be wary. Is it any good? Come join NookGaming as Fernando takes a look. He talks a lot, so make you have time!

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Langrisser I & II remakes launching February 7 in Japan

During a presentation in Japan today, the recently-announced Langrisser I & II remakes were given a release date for Japan. They’ll be out on February 7, with pre-orders opening September 6.

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