Tales from the Borderlands- Episode 2 Announced

The wait is over.! The telltale developers have officially confirmed the released of 2nd episode of “Tales from the Borderlands” . Accordingly, they have tweeted about this on Telltale games official twitter account. The name of the second episode will be “Tales from the Borderlands-Episode 2- Atlas mugged”

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MilkMan2765d ago

OK, when is this coming out. I can never understand these damn tweets!

2765d ago
LightDiego2765d ago

Is this game good? Still thinking about to buy it.

LAWSON722765d ago

If you like TWD and Borderlands it is a must buy

BenRage32764d ago

It's actually really well done. It's funny too. I enjoyed it so much that I went back to Borderlands 2, started a new character, just to go back to the crazy planet Pandora.

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